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Williams-Sonoma Snack Bar Pan

Williams-Sonoma Snack Bar Pan

I enjoy making homemade granola bars and other snack bars, especially when I am planning a long hike, road trip or other activity where I need to have a good supply of snacks. I typically make the bars in large baking pans, then cut them down to the size that I need. This system works well, but anyone who has made a homemade granola bar ... Read More »

Chipotle Guacamole and other dips

Normally, I wouldn’t crosspost something here and at Slashfood, but I am so enamored of some of the dips that I have done for the Super Bowl Dip of the Day feature that I couldn’t resist getting them out where they can be seen (and hopefully enjoyed!) by the maximum possible number of people. This is a twist on guacamole. Ordinarily, I use a bit ... Read More »

Easy Pita Snacks

A tasty, light lunch: Homemade smokey pita chips, greek yogurt for dipping and blood oranges. Mmm… Blood oranges are in season right now and they make a tasty – not to mention attractive – accompaniment to any meal. With the oranges, I had this for lunch but it makes a great snack or appetizer. I guarantee your guests will be impressed and your tastebuds will ... Read More »

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