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Buying Fake Saffron in Morocco

Real and fake saffron

While I was in Spain, I took a side trip to Tangier. I have always been a little bit curious about Morocco and, since the company that runs the ferry between Tarifa – a really great surfing town in Spain – and Tangier charges the same for a round trip ticket that they do for a round trip ticket plus six hour tour package deal, ... Read More »

Saffron and Olive Oil Cake

Saffron and Olive Oil Cake

Some ingredients appear more often in savory dishes than sweet ones. Saffron and olive oil are clearly two instances of this. Saffron is a spice – the most expensive, by weight, in the world – that is renowned for the bright yellow color it gives to dishes. It has a slightly grassy, sweet flavor to it and it is usually found giving its brilliant color ... Read More »

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