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Bakeball Bat

Bakeball Bat

Baseball fans know that spring training gets started in February every year. While no games played until later in the spring, the players use those first few weeks to get back into shape after a seasonal break and the coaches have a chance to see how their players, new and old, are working together. The tools in your kitchen work together like players on a ... Read More »

Laser Cut Rolling Pins Make Baking More Fun

Custom Laser Cut Rolling Pin from Valek, Robot Pattern

A rolling pin is a standard tool in the baker’s kitchen. They’re usually smooth cylinders of wood with only slight variations in shape. They’re used to flatten dough quickly and easily, and they’re definitely known for their functionality before their style. Valek Rolling Pins makes some fantastic laser-engraved rolling pins in a variety of designs that are sure to add some flair to your baking. ... Read More »

Chef’n PinPair

Chef'n PinPair

The Chef’n PinPair is a unique rolling pin that offers bakers a two for one deal on must-have kitchen tool. The PinPair combines a straight sided silicone rolling pin and a tapered wood rolling pin in one piece of kitchen equipment. The silicone portion is like an outer sleeve, that screws into place around the tapered wood pin. The handles of the wooden pin protrude ... Read More »

Baker’s Silicone Rolling Pin

Baker's Silicone Rolling Pin

Wood rolling pins are what most bakers swear by, but there are other rolling pin options out there that can perform just as well and offer advantages that the classic rolling pins don’t. Marble rolling pins, for instance, can stay cool while you’re working, making it easier to handle pie crust and other buttery doughs. Silicone rolling pins, like this Baker’s Silicone Rolling Pin, offer ... Read More »

Rolling Pin Rings

Rolling Pin Rings

When you want to achieve an even thickness for pastry or dough, a rolling pin is going to be the only way to go. Because it covers a much larger area than your palms or fingers can, it is not only easier to stretch out your dough, but it is easier to evenly distribute pressure over the dough and make sure it’s an even thickness. ... Read More »

Rolling Pin Sleeves

Rolling Pin Sleeves

Conventional wisdom says that if your rolling pin is sticking to your dough – whether it is bread dough or cookie dough – you should lightly flour the pin and press on, adding more flour as needed. Adding small amounts of flour to a dough is rarely a problem in terms of altering the recipe’s ratio of dry-to-wet ingredients and, unless you use tons of ... Read More »

Roll and Store Pin

I’m trying to resist a pun about being on a roll today, as I couldn’t resist mentioning yet another interesting rolling pin. The Roll & Store Pin is a rolling pin with removable handles and a clear, hollow center that can be used to store cookie cutters. The pin comes with a variety of round cutters, including a star, a bunny rabbit, a heart, a ... Read More »

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