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Roasted Strawberry Shortcake

Roasted Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry shortcake is a summertime classic and it will always be one of my favorite desserts to make when I have fresh strawberries on hand. Most of the time, strawberry shortcakes just call for piling slices of strawberries on top of whipped cream and some type of cake or biscuit. To mix things up a little bit, I used roasted strawberries to make this Roasted ... Read More »

How to Roast Strawberries

Sliced Strawberries

In most desserts, strawberries are used fresh. They’re not known for being a great baking berry, since they tend to lose their texture more than raspberries and blueberries do when they spend some time in the oven. But there are some benefits to letting your strawberries spend some time in the oven, which is why there are some delicious desserts that feature baked strawberries even ... Read More »

Roasted Strawberry and Tomato Salsa

Salsa is a condiment with a lot of versatility. Most are tomato-based, of course, but you can add in all kinds of sweet and savory ingredients to give a simple salsa a whole new flavor twist. One twist that I recently put on my homemade salsa was adding strawberries to the mix. This Roasted Strawberry and Tomato Salsa is not your average salsa and, even ... Read More »

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