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What is rhubarb?


Rhubarb is a thick, celery-like plant with red stalks that can grow to be more than two feet long. The red and green stalks are the edible portion of the rhubarb and the leaves, which contain oxalic acid, are not edible. The color of the plant can vary widely from an extremely dark red to a pale reddish-green. Hothouse grown rhubarb tends to be lighter ... Read More »

Rhubarb and Raspberry Cobbler

Rhubarb and Raspberry Cobbler

Rhubarb is a wonderful springtime fruit to work with, both because of its beautiful pink color and the bright, tangy flavor that it brings to a recipe. Rhubarb is often paired with sweeter fruits, such as strawberries, to balance out its very sharp flavor. Strawberries are a very common pairing, but raspberries also make a fantastic pairing with rhubarb and I used them in this ... Read More »

Blink of an Eye Rhubarb Cobbler

I take a little bit of an issue with the name of this dish. The original name is “blink of an eye rhubarb pie.” The “blink of an eye” part is accurate, because it does come together in about 2 minutes, but the “pie” part is a problem. Granted, the dessert is baked in a pie dish, but it’s not really a pie at all. ... Read More »

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