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Wilton Treat Pop Containers

Wilton Treat Pops

If you ever ate a push up pop as a kid (or as an adult, for that matter), then you would instantly know what to do if someone handed you a treat pop. Treat pops are a variation on a cupcake, where layers of cake and frosting are packed together in a small plastic container and you simply push up on the stick at the ... Read More »

Push-up Pops

Push Up Pops

Cupcakes started as a dessert trend but became a sweet staple for many of us, which left room for more trends to hit the dessert market after them. One of these trends was for push pop-style cakes, where cake, frosting and other goodies were layered into a push pop container (the same kind you bought from the ice cream truck as a kid) and eaten ... Read More »

Cupcakes meet push-pops in Pushcakes


If you ever visited an ice cream truck as a kid, you’ve probably had a Push-Up. This type of popsicle packed sherbert or ice cream into a cardboard tube and you ate it by pushing up on a plastic plunger. They were usually a bit neater to eat than your average popsicle, and also were a little more fun (at least, I thought so!) because ... Read More »

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