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Lemon Meringue Pudding Cakes

Lemon Meringue Pudding Cakes

Lemon puddings cakes are always a treat. These easy-to-make cakes separate into layers of fluffy cake and creamy custard as they bake, giving you two desserts in one! When my lemon tree is heavy with lemons, I tend to make these simple style of cake quite often. Like other pudding cakes, they don’t necessarily look very fancy when served by the spoonful from a large ... Read More »

Little Lemon Pudding Cakes

Individual Lemon Pudding Cake

When I have a couple of lemons lying around my kitchen and want to make a quick dessert, I often opt for lemon pudding cake. Pudding cakes are cakes that create their own sauce while they bake. The sauce (a.k.a. the pudding) forms underneath a layer of fluffy cake while the dish is in the oven. Although the recipe calls for beating egg whites to ... Read More »

Blueberry Pudding Cake

Blueberry Pudding Cake

A pudding cake is a type of cake that separates into layers when it is baked, resulting in a fluffy cake layer on top of a thick, pudding-like layer. Chocolate pudding cake is a classic example, but pudding cake can come in a whole variety of flavors and can even be made with fresh fruit. In fact, a fruity pudding cake can be even better ... Read More »

Apple Cider Pudding Cake

Apple Cider Pudding Cake, served

When I think about pudding cakes, I picture a dessert that forms a pudding-like sauce at the bottom of the pan during baking. Chocolate pudding cake and lemon pudding cake are to of my very favorite recipes of this type. Throw some fruit into the mix and you have something that is a little closer to a cobbler than to one of those pudding cake ... Read More »

Cranberry Orange Pudding Cake

Cranberry Orange Pudding Cake

Pudding cake will always be one of my favorite cool-weather desserts. As good as it is all year round, you can’t beat the warmth of a sticky, gooey pudding cake fresh from the oven on a winter evening. Chocolate pudding cakes are tough to beat, but I’m a big fan of citrus pudding cakes as well. Lemon, lime and orange all get top marks from me when citrus is in ... Read More »

Individual Lime Pudding Cakes

This isn’t the first time I’ve worked with this recipe. I’ve made lemon and orange pudding cakes before, and limes falling off the tree from over-ripeness seemed like the perfect excuse to trot out one of my favorite easy recipes again. I usually make one large pudding, but this time I decided to divide it up and make individual puddings. The method is exactly the ... Read More »

Orange Pudding Cake

I really like pudding cakes. The combination of the light, moist cake layer with the bubbling sauce underneath is just delightful. I like the fact that you never need an extra topping or garnish with a serving of pudding cake (though whipped cream would work, if you like), either. I also like the fact that this dessert dessert is relatively low in fat. Using whole ... Read More »

Lemon Pudding Cake

After the last IMBB, Sarah Lou from One Whole Clove and I had a bit of a chat about the effect of water baths on souffles. Her lovely Pecorino and Caramelised Veggie Souffle, baked in a water bath, just didn’t rise quite as impressively as she had expected (though it certainly still looked good). Since a souffle gains much of its lift during its initial ... Read More »

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