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Vanilla Cheesecake with Plum Preserve Swirl

Vanilla Cheesecake with Preserves

Vanilla cheesecake is like a blank canvas. The rich, creamy filling is not too sweet and has a very subtle tang to it from all of that cream cheese. While it is tasty plain, it also cries out for something to go with it. Fresh berries, chocolate sauce, fruit coulis and many other things are often added as a topping to vanilla cheesecake to liven ... Read More »

Plum Clafoutis

Plum Clafoutis

Baking with plums is wonderful, not just because plums are so tasty, but because plums are a beautiful color and make for some of the most incredible looking desserts you’ll come across. The flesh of most plums is a reddish yellow color. Most of the coloring of the fruit comes from the skin, so I tend to leave it on when I bake with them. ... Read More »

Plum Custard Pie with Almond Crust

Plum Custard Pie

I don’t see plums in baked goods as often as I see apples, peaches, pears and other fruits. This is a shame because plums are amazing fruits to bake with. They’re sweet and flavorful, hold their shape nicely after they’ve been baked, and they turn such a beautiful color that desserts that use them are often simply stunning to look at. One of my favorite ... Read More »

Chocolate Plum Cake

Chocolate Plum Cake

This recipe is an adaptation of the Fresh Plum Cake recipe in The Baking Bites Cookbook (a great gift for Mother’s Day, to all you last-minute shoppers!). It is a very simple cake, with a vanilla-scented cake batter supporting lots of fresh, juicy plums. It is beautiful to look at (you’ll have to check out the photo in the book), too. But as I’ve always ... Read More »

Fig and Plum Cobbler

Fig and Plum Cobbler

Fresh figs are a very easy fruit to work with because they need very little prep to use them and are naturally very sweet. This natural sweetness makes figs very tasty, but it also makes them pair well with other fruits, as the jammy flavor of the figs can enhance fruits of similar flavors and add sweetness to other fruits that don’t have much of ... Read More »

Plum Pie

Plum Pie, whole

One of the things that appeals to me so much about pie is that they are both incredibly versatile and incredibly familiar at the same time. You can put just about any kind of fruit into a pie, from apples to pineapples, and still enjoy a sweet dessert with a flaky pastry crust, even though the flavor is entirely different. The process to make pies ... Read More »

Vanilla Honey Poached Apriums

The more fruit you have in the kitchen at any given time, the more difficult it is to use it up before some of it begins to become overripe. Apples, for instance, are durable, but the majority of summer produce – stone fruits, berries, etc. – either continues to ripen on your counter or simply starts to go bad the minute it comes through the ... Read More »

Pluots, apriums and Floyd Zaiger

Pluots and apriums

If you want to find the best fruits you can, your best bet is to find out what is in season and seek it out from a high-quality vendor at a good local farmer’s market, where the produce will be the freshest. If you want to find the perfect fruit, however, your best bet is to become a biologist who specializes in fruit genetics. Biologist ... Read More »

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