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I Eight Sum Pi Dish

I Eight Sum Pi Dish

One common complaint about baking is that you have to do a lot of measuring to ensure that your recipes turn out perfectly. I have never personally found this to be a problem, but then again I was a bit of a math geek back in school. The fact that I always had a soft spot for math class is probably why I also have ... Read More »

Pi Baking Mold

Pie Baking Mold

If you are a bit of a math geek, you might already know that March 14th is Pi Day. It has this designation because 3/14 is the start of the number pi (π, or 3.14159…). Pi Day is often celebrated with slices of actual pie, due to the similar sound of their names, but you could pipe a pi onto cupcakes, cookies or regular cakes ... Read More »

Pie recipes and gadgets for Pi Day

Pie Slices

I’ve celebrated Pi Day for almost as long as I can remember. I think it started back in junior high school, and while I may have skipped the occasional celebration, it has pretty much always been an event I like to take note of. It’s a bit nerdy, but Pi Day is about celebrating the number pi (3.14) on the date that approximates it (March ... Read More »

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