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Baking Bites Kitchen Renovation – Picking A New Oven

Baking Bites' American Range French Door Gas Oven

It has been a while since I added a new entry to my series about my kitchen renovation – but better late than never. There are a lot of topics to cover when it comes to a renovation, after all! After pulling out my old kitchen, I decided what types of appliances I was going to put into the new kitchen. While it is true ... Read More »

How to Pick Out an Oven for Your Kitchen

Baking Bites' American Range French Door Gas Oven

If you read my last post on my renovation, you’ll know that I went with a big gas wall oven for my kitchen, rather than an electric oven. But the majority of ovens these days are electric, even if they’re part of a gas range. The type of oven that you get for your kitchen will depend on how much space you have available, what ... Read More »

LG Showcases Smart Oven, Refrigerator at CES

Smart Oven

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held annually in Las Vegas is an event that highlights new and upcoming technology-related products, and since businesses often use it as an opportunity to showcase their most innovative technology, you can find things that you might never have expected. LG brought some very “smart” technology to CES this year in the form of kitchen appliances. They introduced a Smart ... Read More »

How to Preheat an Oven

Oven at 350

Almost every single baking recipe starts with an instruction to preheat your oven. This step sounds so simple, but it is actually the single most difficult step in baking. Unless you have left an ingredient out by mistake or you’re dealing with a recipe that is flawed (i.e. an instruction has been left out), many baking problems are cause by incorrect oven temperature and can ... Read More »

Gaggenau Lift Oven

Gaggenau Lift Oven

Every time you open the oven door, some heat escapes. This is one of the many reasons that baking times can vary from person-to-person for the same recipe, as there is no telling from a writer’s standpoint how long a person will leave his or her oven door open while trying to fit in cake pans and baking sheets. Kitchen manufacturer Gaggenau has come up ... Read More »

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