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Milk Chocolate and Coconut Blondies

Milk Chocolate and Coconut Blondies

I bake brownies more often than I bake blondies, because the fudgy chocolate bars are always a crowd pleaser and they simply come to mind a bit more often than their non-chocolate counterparts. Blondies are such a versatile type of bar cookie, however, because you can work any ingredients you want into them – chocolate or not. They’re also much quicker to bake than individual ... Read More »

How to Temper Chocolate at Home

Melted Chocolate

Tempered chocolate is very glossy, has a firm finish and melts smoothly at around body temperature. Simply melting the chocolate before you use it to dip berries, truffles or other goodies does not temper it. The process of tempering involves raising and lowering the temperature of the chocolate to encourage strong, organized crystallization of the cocoa butter so that the finished chocolate will have that ... Read More »

Apricot Pecan Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Aprict Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: you can’t go wrong with a chocolate chip cookie. With that in mind, a chocolate chip cookie makes a great jumping off point for other flavors in a cookie and you can transform an old classic into a new one without missing out on anything. With these Apricot Pecan Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies, I was looking ... Read More »

Double Chocolate Coffee Toffee Cookies

Double Chocolate Coffee Toffee Cookies

Some say that the only thing better than a chocolate chip cookie is a cookie with even more chocolate in it. I have a hard time passing up a classic, but there are certainly occasions when more chocolate is in order. These Double Chocolate Coffee Toffee Cookies look simple and pack a lot of flavor, giving you a great cookie as well as providing you ... Read More »

Chocolate Cupcakes with Milk Chocolate Sour Cream Frosting

Chocolate Cupcakes with Milk Chocolate Frosting

While cupcakes can come in any flavor, I think that there are still just two main kinds of cupcakes, judging by the standards that you will see in every bakery, every coffee shop and every market: chocolate with chocolate frosting and vanilla with vanilla frosting. To be honest, I like to mix chocolate and vanilla, but I’ll readily admit that nothing goes better with a ... Read More »

Milk Chocolate Scones

Milk Chocolate Scones

Milk chocolate scones are chocolate scones, packed with milk chocolate chips and drizzled with melted milk chocolate. I have to admit that I generally prefer my scones to have fruit in them, if they’re not going to be plain to begin with, largely because I like to be able to be able to spread my scones with butter and jam. Chocolate scones don’t go quite ... Read More »

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