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How to Neatly Cut a Meringue Pie

How to Neatly Cut a Meringue Pie

Meringue-topped pies can be very challenging to cut because the meringue can stick to the knife and tear, resulting in slices that are still tasty, but don’t look as pretty as they could. When you go to the trouble of making a beautiful meringue to top your pie, I think that you deserve a slice that looks picture-perfect – don’t you? Fortunately, it is possible ... Read More »

Brownie Baked Alaska

Brownie Baked Alaska

There are some desserts that should never go out of style and a Baked Alaska is one of them. This retro classic is well worth making and it is always a hit when you bring it out at a party. My Brownie Baked Alaska starts with a dark chocolate brownie base that is topped with vanilla ice cream and covered in a layer of fluffy ... Read More »

Amaretto Eton Mess with Five Spice Cherries

Amaretto Eaton Mess with Five Spice Cherries

Eton mess is a very simple dessert that, by design, is supposed to be unfussy yet still perfect for entertaining. The dessert consists of a mixture of crumbled meringue and whipped cream, topped with berries or other summer fruits. The name may refer to the appearance of the dish – since crumbling meringue and tossing it in whipped cream certainly is a bit messy – ... Read More »

What is a Baked Alaska?

Black Forest Baked Alaska

A Baked Alaska is a dessert with a long – and delicious – history. It is made by topping a piece of sponge cake with a generous scoop or slab of ice cream, then covering the whole thing in a thick layer of meringue and baking it. The meringue insulates the ice cream while the dessert is browning and you end up with a delicious ... Read More »

Plum Meringue Tarts

Plum Meringue Tarts, interior

Whether you’re shopping at a major grocery store or a local farmer’s market, in early summer, there are a wealth of fresh, ripe fruits to choose from. Having such a bounty of fruits is not a bad thing – and I find that it makes me even more creative in the kitchen because I don’t want to use all of those fruits in the same ... Read More »

Why do meringues weep?

Pie with weeping

Many types of pies are topped with billowing meringues that give them a beautiful finished look and a lovely contrast between a denser filling and a lighter topping. But even though the meringues look good when you spoon them on top of a pie, they often start to weep and make your pie look less than perfect. Weeping is when a meringue releases droplets of ... Read More »

Cook’s Country rates Processed Egg Whites


Meringue-topped pies and angel food cakes need a lot of egg whites. It can be tempting to reach for a carton of prepackaged egg whites in the grocery store when you know you are going to need a lot, rather than separating a dozen or more whole eggs ¬†yourself. These processed products might do in a pinch when you’re looking for a way to cut ... Read More »

What is Italian meringue?


Italian meringue is made by beating egg whites until they reach soft, fluffy peaks, then slowly streaming in boiling sugar and beating the mixture until it is thick and glossy. A basic meringue, also known as a French meringue, is made by beating granulated sugar into egg whites until the mixture reaches soft peaks. The hot sugar syrup used to make Italian meringue essentially cooks ... Read More »

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