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Cook’s Country Rates Dry Measuring Cups

Cook's Country Rates Dry Measuring Cups

Measuring cups are an important kitchen tool that is often taken for granted. I say that because we all know that our measuring cups will be there when we need them, but it’s easy to forget that they play a huge role in the results that we get when baking. In a recent issue of Cooks Country (Aug/Sept 2016), the test kitchen set out to ... Read More »

Pop Cuisine Measuring Set

Pop Cuisine Measuring Set

Bakers have to have good math skills because there is very little room for error with many baking recipes. Baking is definitely a science, where you have to be a little bit more precise with your measurements than a “pinch of this” or a “dash of that” – especially if you want to ensure that your recipes turn out perfectly time and time again. This ... Read More »

Tri-Scale Folding Digital Scale

Tri-Scale Folding Digital Scale

There are many convenient kitchen tools out there, but the problem with most of them is storage. Appliances take up a lot of counter or storage space, and even smaller gadgets start to add up when you have a lot of tools on hand. Kitchen scales have been getting more streamlined over recent years, but they still tend to be blocky and are often difficult ... Read More »

Nesting Prep Bowl Set

NEsting set

In a kitchen, space is always at a premium. It usually seems like there isn’t quite enough space for all the tools, pans and appliances. I know that I am often looking around to see where I can put the new gadget I just brought home, or the one I want to bring home next. Fortunately, if you’re organized about how you store things, you ... Read More »

Measuring Cups and Spoons for Owl-Lovers

Owl Spoon Set

Owls seem to be a hot design element right now, and I’ve seen everything from owl prints and accent pillows in stores to owl cookie jars. Most of the designs are cute enough to make you say “aww” and wish that you had some spare room in your kitchen to fit something in, but a big cookie jar can be difficult to find counter space ... Read More »

Pyramid Scheme Measuring Cups

Pyramid Scheme Measuring Cups

A pyramid scheme is not usually something that you want to get involved with, but one exception to that rule would be if you had a set of these very nifty Pyramid Scheme Measuring Cups to use in your kitchen. The set includes six measuring cups in a rainbow of colors that stack up into a near pyramid – hence the name. One thing that ... Read More »

Endurance Spice Measuring Spoon Set

Endurance Spice Measuring Spoons

Most measuring spoon sets come with round spoons. This design isn’t a problem most of the time, but I’ll run into a problem with it from time to time because those rounded spoons won’t fit into some of my smaller jars. This happens with spices, especially with those stored in smaller jars, and even with some sugars that I keep in small containers, such as ... Read More »

Robo Cup Measuring Cups

Robo Cup

This kitchen gadget is dedicated to anyone out there who is a fan of the movie Transformers, the older cartoon or anyone who just loves the idea of having a robot to help around the kitchen. Of course, The Robo Cup Measuring Cups are not automated robots that are going to do your bidding or transform on their own. They are a set of standard ... Read More »

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