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Jack Daniel’s Chocolate Cake

Jack Daniel's Chocolate Cake

When you think of whiskey, you probably think of cocktails and not dessert, even though there are more than a few good desserts that are on the boozy side of the spectrum. This Jack Daniels Chocolate Cake just might be the perfect special occasion dessert for a someone who enjoys the occasional whiskey drink, as it includes a generous amount of Jack Daniels in the ... Read More »

What are Icebox Cakes?

What are Icebox Cakes?

Icebox cakes are an unusual style of cake that uses the refrigerator instead of the oven to bring all the elements of the cake together. The cakes are constructed by layering cookies with whipped cream, sweetened condensed milk, custard and other similar components, then refrigerated until the cookies soften into a cake-like consistency and all the flavors of the dessert meld together. The cookies used ... Read More »

Valentine’s Day Funfetti Cake

Valentine's Day Funfetti Cake

Funfetti cakes have been one of my favorite types of cake for celebrations for years. The colorful cakes are easy to make and never fail to put smiles on the faces of anyone being served a slice. They’re typically made with rainbow sprinkles, but by using holiday-specific sprinkles, you can tailor your funfetti cakes to suit any occasion. This Valentine’s Day Funfetti Cake is made ... Read More »

Wilton Four Layer Rectangular Cake Pan Set

Wilton Four Layer Rectangular Cake Pan Set

When I turn loaf cakes into layer cakes, I usually use a long, serrated knife to make long, horizontal cuts and divide the cake into multiple layers. It takes a bit of patience, as you need to hold your knife very steady to ensure that the layers are even and the cake doesn’t crumble to tear while you work. An alternative to working with a ... Read More »

What is an Ombre Cake?

How to Frost an Ombre Cake

Ombré cakes are colorful cakes where the colors used are graduated from light to dark. Typically, this refers to the colors of the frosting on the outside of a cake, however the individual cake layers can also be colored to create a gradient. It’s a fun and easy frosting technique that anyone can learn to give your cakes a pretty and chic finish. Ombré cakes can ... Read More »

Mini Lemon Layer Cake

Mini Lemon Layer Cakes

A layer cake is always a lovely dessert to put out at the end of a meal, whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just a love of desserts. There are plenty of times when you don’t need a full size layer cake – and those times tend to be when you’re serving a small gathering instead of a large crowd. A gigantic layer cake ... Read More »

What are cake strips?

Cake Strips

There are many problems that you can run into when you are baking cakes. The cakes could turn out to be overdone around the edges or excessively domed, requiring a lot of trimming to get them down to layer-cake proportions. Some cake “problems” are simply the result of a recipe that isn’t the right fit for your project (some cakes dome more than others, for ... Read More »

How to Store Leftover Buttercream

Leftover Buttercream in a Piping Bag

There are several different styles of buttercream out there, including basic American buttercream and slightly more labor-intensive Italian and Swiss buttercreams. All are delicious ways to frost a cake or top a batch of cupcakes. I usually recommend that people make more buttercream than they need when they are planning to decorate a cake or cupcakes, since running out of frosting part-way through a project ... Read More »

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