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Peanut Butter and Honey Bar Cookies

Peanut Butter and Honey Bars

Peanut butter and honey are a wonderful combination. I like honey drizzled over hot toast that is spread with peanut butter, honey that is mixed with peanut butter to create a salty-sweet dip for apples and the combination of honey and peanut butter in frozen pops. They also work well together in baked goods like these Peanut Butter and Honey Bars. The bars are easy ... Read More »

Honey Walnut Cookies

Honey Walnut Cookies

Honey is a sweetener that isn’t used all that much in cookie recipes. You can’t really cream it with butter to create a fluffy base for cookie dough (although honey whipped with butter makes an amazing spread for biscuits), so you can’t simply substitute it for sugar and expect to get the same results. Used properly, honey can be a great sweetener in cookies – ... Read More »

Honeycomb Cake Pan

Honeycomb Cake Pan

Honeycomb is one of the most beautiful patterns that you can see in nature, and the fact that it is filled with delicious honey makes it even more appealing. It was the inspiration for NordicWare’s newest specialty pan, a Honeycomb Cake Pan. Made of nonstick cast aluminum, the heavy duty pan produces a simple, but elegant, honeycomb patterned cake. The pan has a 10-cup capacity, ... Read More »

Honey Peanut Butter Cookies

PB & Honey cookies spread with peanut butter

Not all peanut butter cookies have a strong peanut flavor to them. In fact, many don’t use all that much peanut butter in them to begin with. I usually make up for this by choosing a brand of peanut butter that I think has a good flavor, or by using crunchy peanut butter to add more obvious nuts to the cookies. This recipe is a ... Read More »

Honey Pecan Tart

Honey Pecan Tart, sliced

Pecans are one of my favorite nuts and pecan pie is definitely a holiday classic, but even though I enjoy a slice from time to time, pecan pie tends to be a little too gooey and a little too rich much of the time – especially after a big meal. If you like a less gooey dessert, as I do with pecan pie, you might ... Read More »

Honey and Flaxseed Bread

Honey and Flaxseed Bread

It’s been pretty hot lately, so I haven’t been in much of a bread baking mood. But I recently made up a huge batch of gazpacho and it’s just not the same if you don’t have some good bread to go alongside a good soup – whether it is a hot soup or a cold one. So, I looked into my pantry and started to ... Read More »

White Gold Honey, reviewed

White Gold Honey

Different types of honey have different colors, flavors and consistencies depending on what flowers the bees visited to produce that honey. Clover honey, for instance, has a fairly neutral floral flavor that is often associated with “plain” honey. Orange blossom honey, on the other hand, definitely has citrus notes to it. It’s easy to differentiate the two, even though they are similar in appearance. The ... Read More »


Sugar is not the only option when it comes to sweeteners for baking. Other sweeteners, natural sweeteners, have spread from the shelves of specialty stores to more mainstream ones, where they are more accessible than ever before. Agave syrup, for instance, is just one of many.  The only drawback to having all these items available is that it can be difficult to figure out how ... Read More »

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