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8 Ghastly Goodies to Try This Halloween

Fudge Monster Cookies

Halloween is one of the most fun baking holidays, though many simply associate it with store-bought candy, because you can really get creative with the treats that you put together. Spooky sugar decorations and edible “blood” can turn something ordinary into something that is not only delicious, but delightfully frightening, as well! These treats will help set the mood at your Halloween bash. Fudge Monster ... Read More »

Fudge Monster Cookies

Fudge Monster Cookies

Making desserts for Halloween is tremendously fun. It’s a holiday where you not only have the license to indulge in all kinds of desserts and candies, but where you have permission to go for crazy decorations, wacky food colors and other fun touches that aren’t usually found in dessert. Great examples of this include my Zombie Graveyard Cake, bloody Shortbread BonesĀ and Cupcakes from the Black ... Read More »

Wilton Halloween Eyes Easy Cookie Pan

Halloween Eyes Easy Decorate Cookie Pan

When I was a kid, one of my favorite Halloween decorations were a set of monster eye window decals, which I would stick all over the front windows of the house to look creepily out over any trick or treaters that might come to the door. I used that set for years, until it got lost in a remodel, but I still remember those cartooney ... Read More »

Nordic Ware Halloween Tombstone Cakelet Pan

Nordic Ware Halloween Tombstone Cakelet Pan

Some might say it is a little early to be preparing for Halloween, but Halloween is such a fun time of year for baking and sweets that I don’t see the harm in jumping in a little bit early. My preparation always includes some time looking for Halloween-themed bakeware that will allow me to have a little extra fun when I’m making my favorite Halloween ... Read More »

10 Easy Halloween Baking Ideas

Slasher Cupcakes for Horror Movie Fans

Halloween is largely about scares and sweets – at least, it certainly is in my book. I enjoy breaking out a variety of spooky decorations and taking my baked goods over-the-top for Halloween parties and other seasonal events. Halloween is a fun holiday and you should take that same attitude towards your desserts. These easy Halloween baking ideas, from cupcakes to cookies, will make sure ... Read More »

5 Amazing Desserts to Make with Leftover Halloween Candy

Milky Way Midnight Lava Cake

The day after Halloween is a day that most of us realize that our kitchens are full of tiny candy bars. Whether we bought extra to give out to costumed kids or your kids brought home a few tubs full themselves, the candy bars are there. They keep for a long time in their snack size wrappers, so you can munch your way through them ... Read More »

Halloween Confetti Cupcakes

Halloween Confetti Cupcakes

A little bit of color goes a long when when it comes to holiday baking, and that is true no matter what holiday you’re baking for. Pastel colors tend to make you think of Easter. Red and green tend to make you think of Christmas. And black and orange will always make you think of Halloween. It is easy to take your favorite vanilla or ... Read More »

Halloween Treats for Zombie Fans

Panna Cotta Brains

Vampires, witches and ghosts are all popular Halloween monsters, and they have been for many years. Zombies have been a popular Halloween option since at least the days of Night of the Living Dead, but with the popularity of The Walking Dead, zombies are more popular than ever. Whether you’re looking for a scary dessert for a Halloween party or simply want to serve up ... Read More »

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