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Fudge Monster Cookies

Fudge Monster Cookies

Making desserts for Halloween is tremendously fun. It’s a holiday where you not only have the license to indulge in all kinds of desserts and candies, but where you have permission to go for crazy decorations, wacky food colors and other fun touches that aren’t usually found in dessert. Great examples of this include my Zombie Graveyard Cake, bloody Shortbread BonesĀ and Cupcakes from the Black ... Read More »

Cinnamon Cookie Bones and “Blood” Dipping Sauce

Cinnamon Cookie Bones, served with "Blood" Dipping Sauce

Halloween is the perfect holiday to play with your food and I try to take full advantage of that by coming up with creative, delicious desserts that are both a trick and a treat! My Vampire Cupcakes are a great example of a spooky snack that is a lot of fun to make and even more fun to eat. These Cinnamon Cookie Bones and “Blood” ... Read More »

6 Filled Halloween Cupcakes and Other Tricky Treats

Mmm...Brains! Cupcakes

Halloween is about tricks and treats, although the tricks usually only manifest themselves as scary costumes and people play up the sweets. I still like to get in a little trick once in a while and I do that in the form of filled cupcakes and other treats. These sweets have a surprise inside that really makes them stand out from other Halloween goodies. They ... Read More »

Black and Orange Halloween Chocolate Chip Cookies


Black and orange are definitely the primary colors of Halloween celebrations, although you’ll see colors like red (blood), purple and green (zombies and monsters) work their way into the color palate of the holiday, as well. I tend to think that you can never go wrong with basic black and orange because one glance instantly makes you think of Halloween. I recently spotted some Halloween ... Read More »

Monster Cookies

Monster Cookies

Monster Cookies are the perfect cookie to make when you can’t decide what flavor you’re in the mood for. These cookies offer three flavors in one: peanut butter, chocolate chip and spicy dark chocolate. All three doughs work well together, but have distinctive enough appearances and flavors that they make for an unusually good – and unusually good looking – cookie. The vanilla chocolate chip ... Read More »

Halloween Oreo Cheesecakes

Halloween Oreo Cheesecakes

Oreo cookies are a great addition to cheesecake, whether you use them in the crust or chop them up and mix them into the batter. The crisp, chocolaty cookies are a nice textural contrast to the creamy cream cheese base of the cake, and the creme filling of the cookie blends in smoothly and sweetly to the rest of the dessert. I like them in ... Read More »

Halloween M&M Chocolate Cookies

Colorful, spooky Halloween M&Ms

I am a big fan of the Halloween M&Ms this year. They’re not just black and orange, but black, orange, neon green and purple. The combination of colors looks fun, bold and a bit spooky. I honestly love the look of them. I wanted to showcase their bright seasonal colors in something other than my candy dish, so I incorporated them into a batch of ... Read More »

Vampire Cookies

Baking Bites' Vampire Cookies

Every year I see lots of Halloween cupcakes and cakes that are rather boring in their decorations. They may have faces of ghosts or vampires painted on top with colored icing, but that really doesn’t do much to set them apart from non-holiday cupcakes. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and I think it’s fun to go over-the-top where ever possible and really take ... Read More »

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