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Candy Corn Scones

Candy Corn Scones

Whether you love ‘em or hate ‘em, candy corn is a fixture of the candy aisle during the Halloween season. I happen to fall on the “pro candy corn” side of the issue and enjoy both snacking on them and including them in seasonal treats. If you’re a candy corn fan, too, this recipe for Candy Corn Scones offers up an unusual way to get ... Read More »

5 Amazing Desserts to Make with Leftover Halloween Candy

Milky Way Midnight Lava Cake

The day after Halloween is a day that most of us realize that our kitchens are full of tiny candy bars. Whether we bought extra to give out to costumed kids or your kids brought home a few tubs full themselves, the candy bars are there. They keep for a long time in their snack size wrappers, so you can munch your way through them ... Read More »

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