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Guava and Cream Cheese Jelly Roll

Guava and Cream Cheese Jelly Roll

There is a Cuban bakery in my area that makes amazing guava and cream cheese pastries. The tang of cream cheese is a great contrast for the intense, fruity sweetness of the guava. It’s especially delicious when the two flavors are combined in a crisp, buttery pastry, as they are at the bakery, but they really are a winning combination no matter how you package ... Read More »

Tropical Strawberry Guava Shortcakes

Tropical Strawberry Guava Shortcakes

Strawberry shortcakes are one of my favorite summertime desserts because I just can’t get enough fresh strawberries when they’re in season. I typically chop them up and add them to a shortcake whole, with just a little bit of whipped cream to dress them up. This time I did something a little bit different and added a tropical guava-spiked syrup to the filling. This made ... Read More »

Guava Tart

Guava Tart, plated

Guava, in the form of sweet guava paste, is a popular filling for all kinds of pastries in Cuban cuisine. There is a local Cuban bakery in my area – Porto’s, for anyone in the LA area – that makes all kinds of pastries with guava. It only takes one or two bites to realize that the sweet guava fillings not only a good match ... Read More »

What is guava paste?

Guava Paste

Guava paste is an ingredient that pops up in many Cuban, Caribbean and South American recipes, and seems to be popping up more often in markets in the US. This specialty ingredient, also known as goiabada or pasta de guayaba, is basically candied guava puree. It is made by cooking together guava fruit and sugar until it is very, very thick and then leaving the ... Read More »

Cuban Shortbread Cookies

Described as Torticas de Moron in Eating Cuban, these cookies are supposed to be a specialty in the town of Moron in Cuba, sold at bakeries as a popular snack item. The original is typically made with lard (although vegetable shortening seems to be a fairly common substitution) and is lightly flavored with citrus. This version is a little more exciting. The dough, which is ... Read More »

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