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Girl Scouts Add S’Mores to 2017 Cookie Lineup

Girl Scouts Add S'Mores to 2017 Cookie Lineup

Almost every year, the Girl Scouts add a new cookie – or sometimes two – to their existing lineup of cookies. This gives them a chance to try to incorporate various food trends into their products and to pull in some new customers who might be a bit bored with the same familiar offerings. Last year, however, the Girl Scouts didn’t introduce any new cookies. ... Read More »

General Mills Launches Girl Scout Cookie Breakfast Cereals

General Mills Launches Girl Scout Cookie Breakfast Cereals

Girl Scout Cookies have come a long way from once-a-year cookie sales. There are Girl Scout Cookie ice creams, candy bars and cake/cookie mixes that you can buy all year round. Add another item to that list because General Mills just announced the launch of Girl Scout Cookie breakfast cereals, due to hit store shelves early next year. The cereals will be released in two flavors, Thin Mints ... Read More »

Pillsbury Thin Mint Brownie Mix, reviewed

Pillsbury Thin Mint Brownie Mix, reviewed

A couple of months ago, Pillsbury announced that they would be releasing a line of Girl Scout Cookie-inspired baking mixes. The mixes would include both cupcake and bar/brownie mixes and would be inspired by the two most popular Girl Scout Cookie flavors: Thin Mints and Samoas. Recently, I saw these mixes available at stores in my area and headed out to pick some up to ... Read More »

Pillsbury Launches Girl Scout Cookie Flavored Baking Mixes

Pillsbury Launches Girl Scout Cookie Flavored Baking Mixes

Girl Scout cookies are a seasonal treat that many of us look forward to all year long. You can bake your own while you’re waiting for the Girl Scouts to hit the streets, but there is something fun about buying a box from a scout. To get your fix another way, keep an eye out for some new Girl Scout Cookie-flavored baking mixes from Pillsbury. ... Read More »

Girl Scouts Add No New Cookies to 2016 Lineup

Girl Scouts Add Three New Flavors to 2016 Lineup

Girl Scout Cookie season is something that many of us cookie-lovers look forward to every year and it starts right after the holidays, with the first cookie sales getting underway in mid-January. The Girl Scouts mix up their cookie line up and add new cookies that offer regular customers something a little different almost every year. In the past, the Girl Scouts have added low ... Read More »

DIY Girl Scout Cookies with the Girl Scouts Cookie Oven

the Girl Scout Cookie Oven

I have been an advocate of skipping the annual cookie sale and baking your own Girl Scout cookies at home for many years now (and donating money to local troops). It seems that the Girl Scouts have finally realized that there are more than just a handful of people out there interested in making their own cookies, since a Girl Scouts Cookie Oven has recently ... Read More »

Girl Scout Troop Opens Drive-Thu Cookie Shop in New Hampshire

Girl Scouts Drive Thru

Traditionally, Girl Scout cookies were sold door to door by Scouts that lived in the neighborhood each year during cookie season. Over the years, this tradition changed to include “boothing,” or setting up booths in high-traffic areas where troops could reach more customers more easily. Girl Scouts have always been enterprising in how they sell their cookies. Some send the entry forms to their parents’ offices, ... Read More »

Girl Scout Cookie Sales Go Online with Digital Cookie App

Girl Scouts Digital Cookie Sales

Girl Scout Cookies have always had to be purchased directly from a Girl Scout, whether those girls were going door-to-door (something almost unheard of, these days) or whether you tracked them down at a local grocery store or mall. The cookies were paid for primarily by cash or check. Girls who tried to sell their cookies online were This year, Girl Scout Cookie sales are ... Read More »

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