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6 Cool Treats to Beat a Heat Wave

Heat Wave

When it is hot outside, nothing tastes better than something cold to help cool you down. These sweet, refreshing treats are fun to make even when it is hot out and they are all best served cold! Popsicles of all kinds are kids’ favorites in hot weather. You can skip the ice cream truck by making Homemade Fudgsicles. These chocolaty pops are easy to make ... Read More »

Gelato vs Ice Cream

Vanilla Gelato, churning

While “gelato” is the Italian word for “ice cream,” the two desserts are not one and the same. There are some small, but distinctive, differences between ice cream and gelato. Ice cream is made by churning a base of cream, milk, sugar and sometimes eggs to freeze it and add air. Adding air to the mixture is what keeps ice cream soft, scoopable and helps ... Read More »

Easy Vanilla Gelato

Easy Vanilla Gelato

July is National Ice Cream month, and the third Sunday of the month is National Ice Cream Day. Both of these are good reasons to make ice cream – as though the heat of summer weren’t enough on its own – so I spent the afternoon of my National Ice Cream Day making a batch of vanilla gelato at home. “Gelato” is the Italian word ... Read More »

Making Artisan Gelato

Making Artisan Gelato

The first time I walked into a gelateria, I was blown away by the sheer number of flavors available. There were trays and trays of multi-colored gelatos and, unlike most ice cream stores, they weren’t the same flavors you’d find at the local 31 flavors. Hazelnut, pistachio, espresso, coconut, gianduja and champagne were just a few. The flavors were intense and the gelato was rich ... Read More »

Troubleshooting homemade ice cream

Vanilla Gelato, churning

Making homemade ice creams and frozen yogurts is fun, but even when you have a good quality ice cream maker, there can be some difficulties with the process. The top two concerns that people have are (1) the ice cream is too soft and (2) the ice cream is too hard. Ice cream made in a machine designed for home use often doesn’t freeze ice ... Read More »

Intense Chocolate Gelato

Intense chocolate gelato

Gelato is Italian ice cream. While in composition it is not that different from other frozen treats, there are a couple of things that set it apart from a standard ice cream. First, it is generally made with more milk milk than heavy cream. Some recipes use all milk, as this one does, and others use just a touch of cream. I’ve had many shopkeepers ... Read More »

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