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CR rates hand mixers

I have had my trusty KitchenAid hand mixer for more than a few years. In fact, I actually don’t remember when I first got it, only that it has help up very well and works well. This is a good testament to the longevity of my model, but hand mixers can actually vary a lot in size, power and their ability to get the job ... Read More »

Choosing a ramekin for creme brilee

Creme Brulee Dishes

I use regular 6-oz ramekins when I make creme brulee. I like to have a high custard-to-crust ratio and I have two full sets of ramekins at home that I use for a variety of things besides creme brulee, like souffles. If you go to a kitchen supply store, however, you’ll see that they sell large, shallow ramekins that are often called creme brulee dishes. ... Read More »

Wilton Football and Helmet Pans

Wilton Football and Helmet Pans

While I really like Nordicware’s Stadium Pan for its great design and versatility for celebrating sporting events of all kinds, it’s not the best pan to pick up if you really want to show support for your favorite team. It is a bit difficult to decorate in your team colors, for instance (and looks so good plain that you never really need frosting anyway). To ... Read More »

Zyliss Soft Skin Peeler

I don’t always peel fruits with thin, soft skins, such as peaches or plums, when I bake with them. This is because the skins usually become even more tender during baking, so you never notice them when you’re eating the finished product. It’s also because peeling these types of fruits, as well as some softer vegetables, like tomatoes, is not all that easy to do. ... Read More »

Maple Leaf Pan

Maple Leaf Pan

With fall coming up, it’s time to start looking at products that have a seasonal edge to them, like this Maple Leaf Pan. The pan bakes muffin-sized cakes in the shape of maple leaves – perfect for just about any fall or holiday gathering, especially if the leaves are falling off the trees outside. The pan is made by NordicWare and is made of cast ... Read More »

Tovolo Rocket Pop Molds

Tovolo Rocket Pop Molds

Some of my favorite memories of elementary school involve going to the park after getting picked up, finding an ice cream truck and buying red, white and blue rocket-shaped popsicles. The colors sold me on those pops, but the rocket ships shape was what made them memorable. Tovolo makes popsicle molds in all kinds of shapes – including that classic rocket ship shape, so you ... Read More »

CI tests mini prep bowls

When I first started watching cooking shows on TV, the first thing that I noticed that those cooks/chefs used lots of small prep bowls. I tended to chop things as I worked, when I needed them. This was especially true if I was making something like vegetable soup and there was no need to rush to get all the ingredients into the pot in a ... Read More »

Orka 4-Ice Pops

Popsicles are even easier to make than ice cream because you don’t need an ice cream maker or any other special appliance to make them. What you do need, however is a mold to shape them with. The simplest way to make a popsicle is to use a small paper cup or yogurt container, fill it with juice (or whatever else you choose to use ... Read More »

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