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Egg Separating Whisk

Egg Separating Whisk

Separating eggs is one task that almost every home cook or baker will need to do at some point. Eggs must be separated so that you can use the yolks in custardy desserts, like panna cottas, and the whites in airier creations, such as angel food cake and souffles. Even if you don’t bake that much, you’ll probably make an egg white omelette or two ... Read More »

Pluck, the Egg Separator


There are many ways to separate egg yolks and egg whites. You can shift the yolk back and forth between two halves of an egg shell, letting the white fall into a bowl. You can crack the egg into your hand and let the white fall between your fingers into a bowl. Or you can crack all your eggs into a bowl and try to ... Read More »

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