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Williams-Sonoma Doughnut Twist Pan

Williams-Sonoma Doughnut Twist Pan

I like all kinds of donuts, but will always have a soft spot in my heart for the twisted variety, as the donut shop closest to my house growing up was known for their exceptionally light, yeast-raised twist donuts and I indulged in them whenever I could. I enjoy making baked donuts these days and have a couple of pans in my pantry that make ... Read More »

Vanilla Bean Mini Donuts

Vanilla Bean Mini Donuts

One of the reasons that baked donuts have become so popular is that they are much easier to make than deep fried donuts are. They require less cleanup and are a bit healthier, making them a better everyday breakfast choice for most of us. These Vanilla Bean Mini Donuts are one of my favorite everyday donut indulgences. They’re baked, not fried, and their miniature size ... Read More »

Wilton Heart Doughnut Pan

Wilton Heart Doughnut Pan

Baked donuts are so popular that they are now their own category of bakeware, claiming shelf space right next to muffin pans. Donut pans – or doughnut pans – allow you to make a beautifully shaped donut without any deep frying, so they are healthier to eat and less mess to make than traditional donuts. I’ve seen standard and mini donut pans before, but Wilton’s ... Read More »

Wilton Donut Hole Pan

Donut Hole Pan

You’ve seen donut pans in different shapes and sizes, and even if you don’t have one of these nifty pans in your kitchen yet, you have definitely seen them used on different food blogs to make baked donuts. The nonstick pans have ring-shaped cavities that let you bake something donut shaped without having to deep fry anything. Now, Wilton has come up with a Donut ... Read More »

Baked Vanilla Crullers

Baked Cruller, innards

When I’m working with a shaped pan, like the Wilton Doughnut Twist Pan, I will often start out working with the recipe that comes on the packaging. These recipes are usually tasty and are always formulated to fit the pan, so there is no guesswork involved in trying out the recipe. The recipes are also a good jumping off point for making changes to a ... Read More »

Wilton Doughnut Twist Pan, reviewed

Doughnut Twist Pan

Donut and mini donut pans are a fun piece of bakeware to have in the kitchen. Baked donuts tend to be lower in fat than their deep fried counterparts, and they’re even easier to make. Wilton introduced a Doughnut Twist Pan a few months ago that bakes twist-shaped donuts (also called crullers at many donut shops, even though they’re not made the same way as ... Read More »

Baked Mini Donuts

Frosted Mini Donuts

I bought a mini donut pan many, many months ago and it has been sitting in my pantry ever since. I wanted the pan because it was so cute, but when it comes down to the time to make a donut – which isn’t all that often in the first place – I usually opt to go for fried donuts and take a few extra ... Read More »

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