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Cappuccino Chocolate Chip Brown Sugar Cookies

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Cappuccino Brown Sugar Chocolate Chip Cookies

A cappuccino is made with roughly half coffee and half milk, so it doesn’t have as strong of coffee flavor as, say, a mug of black coffee. These Cappuccino Chocolate Chip Brown Sugar Cookies have a hint of coffee that reminds me of a cappuccino. It is distinct, but not overpowering to …

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What is a slice and bake cookie?

Slice and Bake Cookie Dough
Slice and bake cookies are a type of cookie that is formed into a log that you can cut into individual rounds and place on the baking sheet, as opposed to “drop cookies” that are hand shaped and dropped into small mounds on the baking sheet before baking. The term “slice and bake” …

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Coconut Cashew Cookies

Coconut Cashew Cookies
Coconut and cashews aren’t two flavors that I would have put together off the top of my head, but when I ate a piece of a chocolate bar that combined these two elements, I realized that the two make for an excellent flavor combination. Both the coconut and the cashews have a slight …

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Chocolate Cookies n’ Cream Cookies

Chocolate Cookies n' Cream Cookies

Cookies n’ cream will probably always be one of my favorite ice cream flavors, one that I reach for every once in a while for because – let’s face it – vanilla, chocolate and oreo cookies is a great flavor combination. It’s a flavor combination that can be great in all kinds …

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