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Extreme Brownies

Extreme Brownies: 50 Recipes for the Most Over-the-Top Treats EverA batch of brownies is always a welcome treat to encounter when you’re in the mood for chocolate. The brownies you find most often, however, are plain or studded with a few handfuls of nuts for crunch. While these classic brownie flavors are still delicious, you can get a lot more creative with them …

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Patisserie Made Simple

Patisserie Made SimpleFrench pastries, whether you’re talking about a flaky croissant or a golden madeleine, are as beautiful to look at as they are delicious to eat. They also have a reputation for being difficult to make and as being something that is better to buy at a bakery than to attempt to make at home …

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The Hot Bread Kitchen Cookbook

The Hot Bread Kitchen CookbookHot Bread Kitchen is a New York-based bakery that trains low income immigrants from all over the world in how to become financially independent through a baking career. The bakery started training women – many of whom grew up baking traditional breads, as well as preparing other traditional foods, in their home countries – …

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Gluten-Free Classic Snacks

Gluten-Free Classic SnacksGoing gluten free means that you need to change your eating habits a bit. This is especially true when it comes to packaged snacks, as many of the childhood favorites that you grew up with weren’t available in gluten free renditions at the time. Skipping these snacks entirely – especially since many are considered …

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Baked Occasions

Baked OccasionsMost baking can be divided into two categories: everyday baking and occasion baking. Everyday baking includes the cookies and brownies that you might make on a lazy Sunday afternoon to snack on during the week. Occasion baking includes the layer cakes and other goodies that you might create for holidays and birthdays. I don’t …

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Flavored Butters

Flavored ButtersI use a lot of butter in my kitchen and it is amazing how much flavor one simple ingredient can infuse into a recipe, whether I’m making a batch of mashed potatoes, working on a pound cake recipe or simply enjoying a slice of toast. Butter is delicious in its own right, but it’s …

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