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Perfect Pies

Perfect Pies

Pies are classic, homestyle desserts, whether you’re making one with an apple, cream or nut-based filling. Perfect Pies is a book that showcases nearly eighty great pie recipes from Michele Stuart, an award winning pie baker and the owner of the popular shop Michele’s Pies in Norwalk and Westport, Connecticut. The recipes show just how versatile a pie can be, with recipes that will satisfy ... Read More »

The Science of Good Cooking

Science of Good Cooking

Many people will describe baking as a science, and point out that they like the freedom of cooking by feel a lot more than the exactitude of baking. All kinds of cooking rely heavily on science, however, and whether you are aware of it or not, scientific principles help govern what ends up on your plate for dinner at night. The test kitchen at Cook’s ... Read More »

Home Made Winter

Home Made Winter

Home Made Winter has one of the most appealing and unique cover photos of any cookbook that I’ve seen recently. It’s a picture of Cardamom Cake with Whole Pears and White Chocolate, one of the recipes included in the book, that has whole Bosc pears baked right inside of a loaf cake and makes for a very impressive – and very tasty – finished dish. ... Read More »

Cookbooks for Bakers, The 2012 Gift Guide

Cookbook Gift guide 3

I like to think that you can never go wrong with giving someone a book as a gift because there is a book out there for everyone, from comic books to mysteries to histories. I would say that this is especially true of cookbooks, because no matter what you like to make (or eat!) there is a book out there for it – and unlike ... Read More »

The Brown Betty Cookbook

Brown Betty Dessert Cookbook

Brown Betty Dessert Boutique is a bakery in Philadelphia that has been baking up classic American desserts for loyal fans since it first opened, back in 2004. The bakery is a family-run affair and started with a bunch of much-loved family recipes that Grandma Betty – the namesake of the bakery – made for her family for years. The Brown Betty Cookbook is the first ... Read More »

Bouchon Bakery Cookbook

Bouchon Bakery Cookbook

Thomas Keller’s three Michelin-starred French Laundry restaurant is famous world wide. I have been told that Bouchon Bakery originally started as a place to bake the breads served at The French Laundry and at neighboring Bouchon, after their demand for bread started to exceed the capacity of local suppliers. ┬áIt opened as a boulangerie in its own right because customers loved the breads so much ... Read More »

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