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Recipe Rock

Recipe Rock

How many food magazines do you subscribe to? How often do you tear out one of those magazine pages, clip a recipe out of a newspaper, or print one from your favorite blog? Even if you have a tablet or other portable device, there are plenty of occasions when you have a recipe on a piece of paper instead of a computer screen and need ... Read More »

Williams-Sonoma Smart Tools Tablet Kitchen Stand

WS Tablet Holder

I got an iPad earlier this year and find it to be very handy in the kitchen because it allows me to keep recipes from my site and my other favorite blogs handy when I am cooking. It is small, so it takes up less space than my laptop does while being just as easy to work from. The only problem I have is that ... Read More »

Cookbook Holder with Conversion Chart

Cookbook Holder Conversion Chart, up close

Cookbook holders come in handy in the kitchen because they make it a lot easier to see the recipes that you’re working from. When you lay a cookbook on the counter, you need to place it somewhere where it won’t get in the way of your mixing bowls and ingredients, you need to bend over to read the recipe and you’re exposing the book to ... Read More »

Cooknook Cookbook Holder


Most cookbook holders sit on the counter. They take up valuable counter space, but that is a small price to pay for having your cookbook or recipe sitting next to you in an easy-to-read spot. That being said, if you could still have easy access to a recipe as you cook without giving up the counter space, it would be a huge plus. This is ... Read More »

Levo Adjustable Cookbook Stand

Levo Adjustable Cookbook Stand

It’s really nice to have a cookbook holder of some kind in the kitchen for several reasons. First, it keeps your cookbooks a little cleaner by keeping them off the counter. Second, it makes them easier to read by holding the pages open. What most cookbook holders don’t do is hold the book up at a level that is easy to read. Many are angled, ... Read More »

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