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Cherrymat Cherry Pitter

Cherrymat Cherry Pitter

Fresh cherries are absolutely delicious, but their pits are not. It can be very time consuming and messy to pit a pile of cherries. It can be done by hand and without special tools when you only need a small quantity of cherries to do, but when you’re planning to bake a couple of pies, cobblers or even cakes, it is well-worth having a cherry ... Read More »

How to pit cherries without a cherry pitter

Pitted Cherries

When you are working with fresh cherries, it is necessary to remove their pits before you can safely put them into a recipe. There are traditionalists who say that you get more flavor when you cook the cherries with the pits still inside (“traditional” cherry clafouti are notorious for this), but anyone who has unexpectedly chomped down on a cherry pit in a pie or ... Read More »

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