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Chef’n Sweetsheet

Chef'n Sweetsheet

Silicone baking mats can be a great tool to have in your kitchen when you’re working with baked goods that are particularly delicate or with candies that tend to be sticky and difficult to handle. The mats are laid directly on top of a regular baking sheet, which gives them more stability than your typical silicone bakeware. The Chef’n Sweetsheet is an unusual silicone baking sheet ... Read More »

Chef’n Sweet Spot Ice Cream Sandwich Maker

Chef’n Sweet Spot Ice Cream Sandwich Maker

Ice cream sandwiches are a wonderful treat to enjoy on a hot summer day. I tend to prep them a few days ahead of time because, as they are already frozen, there is no need to make them at the last minute and advance planning means that I have them available whenever a craving strikes. Homemade ice cream sandwiches allow you to mix and match ... Read More »

Chef’n Bramble Berry Basket, reviewed

Chef'n Bramble Berry Basket, reviewed

During the summer, my kitchen is always loaded with berries. Raspberries, strawberries, blackberries and blueberries all make their way into regular rotation, both for snacking and for baking. My usual routine with berries is to give them a thorough, but gentle, rinse before using them. I’ll store them in the refrigerator if it is hot and the berries are very ripe, or I’ll simply leave ... Read More »

Chef’n Looseleaf Herb Stripper

Chef’n Looseleaf Herb Stripper

Fresh herbs and greens are wonderful ingredients to use in the kitchen. They’re aromatic and can really bring a lot of flavor to your dish. When working with fresh herbs, the leaves of the herbs typically have to be stripped off of their stems before you can add them into a dish or chop them up because the stems are not quite as delicious (and ... Read More »

Chef’n Pastrio

Chef'n Pastrio

I have more than a few dough scrapers in my kitchen, and you probably should, too. I have a metal scraper that is good for getting every bit of pastry off of a hard surface, like a quartz countertop, and several plastic ones that are a better choice when I’m kneading dough on a silpat or even chopping up a head of lettuce for a ... Read More »

Chef’n MixQuick


Flavor trends in baking come and go over the years, but you might not expect that there are trends when it comes to baking tools, as well. Baking tools, from spatulas to stand mixers, often seem like staples in our kitchens. The Chef’n MixQuick is a great example of a type of tool that is starting to enjoy a bit of a renaissance at the moment. This ... Read More »

Chef’n Cakewalk Cake Decorating Kit

Chef'n Cakewalk Cake Decorating Kit

You need some basic tools when you are decorating cakes. While you can get by with nothing more than an offset spatula if you need to, it makes your job a lot easier and give you a lot more decorating options if you have some pastry tips, piping bags and a turntable. The pastry tips and bags allow you not only to add finishing touches ... Read More »

Chefn’ Sweet Spot Ice Cream Slab

Chefn' Ice Cream Slab

Homemade ice cream is a wonderful treat, however you really need to have an ice cream maker in your kitchen arsenal in order to get the best results when you make it. There are some outstanding no-churn ice cream recipes out there, but as good as those recipes are, your ice cream options are much more limited when you don’t have an ice cream maker. ... Read More »

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