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Ultra-Moist Banana Bundt Cake with Greek Yogurt

Banana Bundt Cake

Bananas are a staple in my house and they are one of the best selling fruits in the US, so I know that I am not the only one out there that ends up with a lot of overripe bananas in the kitchen from time to time. Sometimes I tell myself that I’ll just buy fewer bananas, but the truth is that I love baking ... Read More »

Cream Cheese Stuffed Banana Bundt Cake

Cream Cheese Stuffed Banana Bundt Cake

The next time that you want to bake an over-the-top cake for a brunch or other special occasion, you should definitely put this Cream Cheese Stuffed Banana Bundt Cake at the top of your list. The name alone should be enough to inspire you to give this cake a try, and it just might replace regular banana bread in your house when you have overripe ... Read More »

Orange Bundt Cake with Orange Glaze

Orange Bundt Cake

All kinds of citrus are in season during the winter, and my orange trees seem to be producing a bumper crop this year. I don’t usually need any excuses to bake with citrus, but all those fresh oranges are giving me many reasons to do so! This Orange Bundt Cake is a great way to put a bunch of oranges to good use. The cake ... Read More »

Banana Buttermilk Pound Cake

Banana Buttermilk Pound Cake

While I never tire of making banana bread when I have too many bananas ripening in my kitchen, there are times when I want something a little more dessert-like from my bananas. Banana cakes are just as easy to make as banana breads are, but typically have a finer texture and end up being a little bit sweeter than their quickbread counterparts. This Banana Buttermilk ... Read More »

Applesauce Oatmeal Bundt Cake

Applesauce Oatmeal Bundt Cake

This Applesauce Oatmeal Bundt Cake is a favorite cake of mine when the weather is still a little bit chilly, because the cake seems very homey and satisfying, the perfect thing for enjoying on a cool morning without any fuss or fanfare. The cake contains applesauce, rolled oats and honey – all of which work well together – as well as some cinnamon, allspice and ... Read More »

Citrus Lover’s Bundt Cake

Citrus Lover's Bundt Cake

Citrus is in season and the trees – here in Southern California, at least – are bursting with oranges, lemons, grapefruits, limes and other sweet, tangy citrus. Not only do I squeeze oranges to make juice for breakfast, but I find myself making lemonade and lemon bars, generously squeezing limes onto homemade tacos and into all manner of baked goods. The zest from these fruits ... Read More »

Mocha Bundt Cake with Coffee Glaze

Mocha Bundt with Coffee Glaze

Streusel-topped coffee cake gets its name because it is the perfect thing to serve with a hot cup of coffee at brunch or as an afternoon snack, not because it is coffee-flavored. In fact, most coffee cakes have no coffee in them at all – a fact which throws people for a loop sometimes when they actually go in search of a cake that has ... Read More »

Browned Butter Banana Bundt Cake

Browned Butter Banana Bundt Glaze

Browned butter is a flavor that goes well with just about everything, adding an extra toasty, nutty and rich flavor to almost any dish. There are a few flavors that it goes particularly well with and banana is one of them. The sweet flavor of a very ripe banana is greatly enhanced buy the savory notes that browned butter adds, and that is what inspired ... Read More »

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