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Micro-bakeries are raising the bar for bread

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Freshly baked Epi
Artisan bakeries have been a trend for so many years that they’re not a trend anymore – they’re simply where we go to look for great bread. But even though the idea of artisan bread has been around for some time now, that doesn’t mean that it is widely available. In large cities …

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Baking Artisan Bread

Baking Artisan BreadBread-baking is a subject that you can never have too many books about. It’s a skill that can take a lot of time and feel to fully develop, even if the basics are simple. This is especially true if your goal is to try and replicate some of the top artisanal loaves in your …

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No-Knead White Bread

No-Knead Pot Bread

Bread baking is perceived as being a very time-consuming and tricky process, with yeast, flour, proofing and shaping to contend with. This is why the concept of low-maintenance “no-knead” bread is so appealing. I tend to think that bread making only seems time consuming because of the long rises, not the few …

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