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Homemade Apple Cider Butter

Homemade Apple Cider Butter

Apple butter is a thick, smooth fruit puree made by slowly cooking fresh apples with sugar. It gets is name from the fact that the finished product is smooth as butter, not because there is any butter in it. There are many types of fruit butter out there, but apple butter is by far my favorite. Apples take very well to being turned into fruit ... Read More »

Mini Apple Pies

Mini Apple Pie, innards

The only thing better than a slice of freshly baked apple pie is having a whole pie all to yourself. That said, it can be a little daunting (and probably a little unfair to everyone else who wants a slice of pie!) to tuck into an entire 9-inch apple pie with no one to share it with. The solution is to bake a half dozen ... Read More »

Do you need to add lemon juice when baking with apples?

Apple, peeled

Many recipes for apple pie and apple cobbler will call for tossing your sliced apples in a little bit of lemon juice before putting them into your dish. Lemon juice prevents oxidation of the apples, which means that it stops the slices from turning brown by providing a barrier between the apple’s flesh and the air. Lemon juice definitely works when it comes to preventing ... Read More »

Cuisipro Apple Corer

Apple Corer

As we approach the end of summer and head towards fall, I start to think about pie season. Of course, you can make a pie any time of year, but there is something about baking a sweet apple pie while the leaves outside are turning golden and red that just feels right. One tool that comes into play when you’re working with apples is the ... Read More »

Cinnamon Sugar Apple Cobbler

Cinnamon Sugar Apple Cobbler

When I make Snickerdoodles, or other snickerdoodle-inspired baked goods, I often have leftover cinnamon-sugar mix leftover that I don’t have much use for. Typically, I keep it in a small bowl or plastic bag on the counter and use it up by sprinkling it on a bowl of oatmeal or on top of other baked goods (and sometimes I just make another batch of snickerdoodles!) ... Read More »

Cinnamon Apple Pie with Crumb Topping

Apple Pie with Crumb Topping

Classic apple pie is made with two buttery, flaky pie crusts sandwiching a sweet and spicy apple filling. It is delicious, but it’s not the only classic apple pie out there. I have met many people who would choose an apple pie with a crumb topping over the double-crust classic any day. Personally, I wouldn’t turn down either pie and consider them both to be ... Read More »

Moist Apple Spice Bread

Moist Apple Spice Bread

Some quickbreads are very moist and dense, while others are a little bit dry and very bread-like. This moist Apple Spice Bread falls into the former category. The bread is ultra-moist and is packed with two cups of shredded apple, from two whole apples! All that fruit makes it a little bit dense, but the bread is tender and flavorful, so that is not a ... Read More »

How to make spiced apple cider

Spiced Apple Cider

Apple cider is a type of unfiltered apple juice made from pressing ripe apples to remove the liquid from them. It looks quite different from regular apple juice, which is filtered and is completely clear, because it is cloudy as a result of having apple particles still suspended in it. Many fans of cider will tell you that it has more flavor to it than ... Read More »

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