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Oatmeal Pecan Apple Crumble

Oatmeal Pecan Apple Crisp

Apple crisps and crumbles are desserts that I enjoy all year round. During the summer, I often serve them chilled or top them with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream. During the winter, I try to serve them while they are still hot out of the oven so that I can absorb some of that lovely heat as I eat them. ThisĀ Oatmeal Pecan Apple ... Read More »

Apple and Red Grape Crisp

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I often have grapes in my kitchen, along with fruits like apples, bananas and citrus. While the latter fruits find there way into baked goods on a regular basis, I don’t usually bake with my grapes. Grapes are actually very easy to bake with. They become wonderfully sweet when they are roasted in the oven as the sugars inside of the skins concentrate. Unlike berries, ... Read More »

Cranberry Apple Crisp

Cranberry Apple Crisp

A fruit crisp is the perfect dessert when you want to make something that is both delicious, comforting and not too time consuming. As long as you have a bunch of fruit in your kitchen – and you can usually use fresh or frozen – you can make a crisp. Apples are one fruit that I always have around, no matter what time of year ... Read More »

Chai Spice Apple Crisp

Chai Spice Apple Crumble

I find that I use a lot more spice in my baking during the fall and winter months. This is partly because spices are so warming, and partly because you don’t quite get that same variety of fresh fruits that you do during the summer and spices are a good alternative when it comes to mixing up the flavors in a recipe. I like to ... Read More »

Whole Grain Maple Apple Crumble

Maple Apple Crisp

Apple crumble and apple crisp are some of my favorite desserts to make with apples. They’re always delicious and take a lot less prep work than a regular apple pie – which means that I make them a lot more often. I like that an apple crumble can be simple, but that it is easy to put a new spin on it by changing up ... Read More »

Cinnamon Sugar Apple Cobbler

Cinnamon Sugar Apple Cobbler

When I make Snickerdoodles, or other snickerdoodle-inspired baked goods, I often have leftover cinnamon-sugar mix leftover that I don’t have much use for. Typically, I keep it in a small bowl or plastic bag on the counter and use it up by sprinkling it on a bowl of oatmeal or on top of other baked goods (and sometimes I just make another batch of snickerdoodles!) ... Read More »

Blueberry Apple Crisp

Blueberry Apple Crisp

In spite of the fact that I love to have apple pie around the 4th of July, I find that I often think of apple desserts as fall desserts. This is probably because there are far fewer fresh fruits to choose from at the end of the year when you compare the season with spring, when you have a plethora of in-season berries and stone ... Read More »

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