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Tartine Bakery, Itaewon, Seoul

Tartine Breads

Ruby Edwards Tartine Bakery is a tiny little bakery tucked off the main street in Itaewon. Despite the french name, I would say that it’s an American-style artisan bakery. It’s no surprise that it’s located in the Itaewon neighborhood because that isright next to the army base and has a big population of Americans. That said, when I was in there the only other customers ... Read More »

A bite of Seoul street food: Hotteok

If it weren’t for Robyn, a.k.a. the Girl Who Ate Everything, I never would have known what hotteok was and might have gotten back to the US without trying it, even though I saw it all over the place at some of the markets. Hotteok is a type of yeasted pancake filled with a sugary filling. Most I saw seemed to be filled with a ... Read More »

Baking Bites in Seoul

Korean Hanok Village street

For the next week or so, there will be some slightly off-the-beaten-path (by which I mean the baking path) posts here at Baking Bites. Don’t worry, there will still be plenty of new recipes to look forward to, but I am currently in Seoul, South Korea and plan to get a few posts up about travel, the food and the scenery so I can share ... Read More »

BlogHer Food recap!

This past Saturday, I headed up to San Francisco for the 2009 BlogHer Food conference. It’s the first of what I think will be an annual conference series from BlogHer and was aimed at food bloggers. All of the breakout sessions of the conference covered topics that would be of interest to people who write recipes, review products and just like to write about food ... Read More »

Food photos from the GM photo studio

You can see food photos from the General Mills photo studio on any General Mills product or on any of their recipe websites. The photographers go for realism when shooting all of their food products. Once in a while, they’re allowed to have a little fun, too. The hallway of their studio is lined with amazing food photos where food is used in a more ... Read More »

Inside the General Mills photo studios

General Mills photo studios

Once we finished sampling some new products at the Betty Crocker Test Kitchens, the bloggers from General Mill’s Eat n’ Greet event headed over to the General Mills photo studios. This was the part of the event that Cooking with Amy,  Cookie Madness and I were all excited to get to. The photo studios are not only where General Mills shoots its cookbooks and web ... Read More »

Inside the Betty Crocker test kitchens

Me and the mascots

When you picture the kitchens for big companies, companies that test out recipes for books and magazines, or companies that develop packaged baking products, you probably picture a huge professional kitchen: stainless steel everywhere, convection ovens, huge noisy hoods over the cooktops and people in white chefs’ coats. This might be the atmosphere at some test kitchens, but not at the Betty Crocker Test Kitchens, ... Read More »

Mill City Museum

Pillsbury Flour sign

The tagline for the museum is “The Most Explosive Museum in the World” – and it’s a museum about flour milling. This might not make sense unless you know that flour is 70 times more explosive than gunpowder, making it extremely combustible and a pretty dangerous thing to have a factory full of. Now, in full disclosure, I should say that I didn’t really know ... Read More »

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