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A bite of Seoul food: Green Tea Waffle

Waffles are a huge food trend in Seoul. I saw them at coffee shops, restaurants and at stands on their own. I would say that they’re more of a snack or dessert item in Seoul than here in the US, where they’re more often served for breakfast. I even had difficulty finding places to serve them in the early morning in spite of the fact ... Read More »

Street food scenes from Seoul

Fried Hotteok makers

I think that one of the reasons that people who come to Seoul, or any other city that has a fairly large street-food culture, are fascinated with street food is that it’s not something they see all the time. I definitely fall into this category, since even though there are taco trucks in Los Angeles and I can find a bacon-wrapped hot dog after an ... Read More »

Bites of Seoul street food: Sweet and Savory

Silkworm larvae

I ate all kinds of street food while I was in Seoul, not just hotteoks, walnut cakes and tornado potatoes. I would have dedicated a single post to every item, but to be honest, there were some that I just didn’t know enough about to justify doing so! So, I decided to put a little of everything into one post to give you a little ... Read More »

How to find good street food, an amateur’s guide

Part of the fun of traveling is sampling the local cuisine. This is true of familiar foods, like pizza in New York and cheesesteak in Philadelphia, as well as of exotic foods, like street food in countries that are known for having crowded open-air markets. The menus many be in different languages from country to country, but the overall idea of eating at a restaurant ... Read More »

A bite of Seoul street food: Walnut Cakes

You’ll smell walnut cakes long before you see them. They smell like freshly baked cake and toasted nut. These traditional cakes are one of the best sweet Korean street foods out there – in my admittedly inexperienced opinion. They’re a cross between a donut hole and a pancake, and are filled with a small amount of walnut paste that makes them moist and flavorful. The ... Read More »

A bite of Seoul street food: Tornado Potato

I tried to look into what some of the street food options might be before I left – because I knew that street food would be a good way to eat cheaply and pretty well – and one thing I stumbled across was the tornado potato. It’s basically a spiral cut potato that is skewered onto a big stick. It looks, for lack of a ... Read More »

Tartine Bakery, Itaewon, Seoul

Tartine Breads

Ruby Edwards Tartine Bakery is a tiny little bakery tucked off the main street in Itaewon. Despite the french name, I would say that it’s an American-style artisan bakery. It’s no surprise that it’s located in the Itaewon neighborhood because that isright next to the army base and has a big population of Americans. That said, when I was in there the only other customers ... Read More »

A bite of Seoul street food: Hotteok

If it weren’t for Robyn, a.k.a. the Girl Who Ate Everything, I never would have known what hotteok was and might have gotten back to the US without trying it, even though I saw it all over the place at some of the markets. Hotteok is a type of yeasted pancake filled with a sugary filling. Most I saw seemed to be filled with a ... Read More »

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