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Maple Oat Scones

Maple Oat Scones

Maple syrup is a great ingredient to work with. It can finish off a stack of pancakes or waffles at breakfast and it can also serve as part of the glaze or marinade for a chicken or pork dish at dinner. It can lend a great flavor to baked goods, as well, and these Maple Oat Scones are a perfect example. You might not think ... Read More »

Chai Spice Scones with Candied Ginger

Chai Scones

I have always been a fan of chai teas and often use the warm and spicy flavors found in masala chai for for inspiration when I’m looking for a way to spice things up in baking. Chai Snickerdoodles, for instance, are a favorite variation on classic snickerdoodles in my kitchen. These scones are loaded with chai spices and have a very warm, satisfying flavor as ... Read More »

Samoas Scones

Samoas Scones, innards

Samoas are one of the most popular Girl Scout cookies for good reason: they have a fantastic combination of flavors. The cookies consist of a butter cookie base that is topped with a rich coating of caramel and coconut and drenched with chocolate. The Girl Scout cookie version – also known as Caramel de Lites – is good, but homemade might be even better because ... Read More »

Rice Krispies Treats Scones

Rice Krispies Treats Scones

I have a hard time resisting Rice Krispies Treats. I don’t mean the prepackaged kind that taste rather flat – I mean the simple, homemade kind that are made simply with butter, puffed rice cereal and marshmallows. There is something about those crispy, buttery bars that is almost irresistible – especially when they’re freshly made and still slightly warm – and I can see the ... Read More »

Cookies n’ Cream Scones

Cookies n' Cream Scones, minus a bite or two

I really enjoyed the Chocolate Chip Cookie Scones that I made not too long ago, so I was inspired to do another cookie-meets-scone merger starting with an entirely different type of cookie: Oreos (or other similar sandwich cookies). These cookies find their way into all kinds of other desserts, from ice creams to cakes to give them a cookies n’ cream flavor that is so ... Read More »

Chocolate Chip Cookie Scones

Chocolate Chip Cookie Scones

Scones are usually during at breakfast or brunch, and turn up again during afternoon tea. But there is no reason to relegates scones to these two categories when they can make perfectly good dessert treats, as well. To hammer this point home, I gave these scones a dessert twist by mixing in pieces of chocolate chip cookies – kind of like chocolate chip cookie dough ... Read More »

Lemon Blueberry Scones

Lemon Blueberry Scone

Lemon and blueberry is a great combination in baked goods because the two flavors compliment each other very well. The lemon seems to bring out an extra sweetness in the blueberries, which are sweet on their own but don’t have the tart aspect to them that other berries, such as raspberries, can have to set off their flavor. Lemon and blueberry often meet in a ... Read More »

Butterscotch Pecan Scones

Butterscotch Pecan Scones, innards

A good scone should be tender and buttery, and while it may not need accompaniments like butter, cream or jam to improve the overall flavor, it never hurts to have some at hand to finish the scone off as you eat it. These scones are a bit of an exception, because they really need no accompaniment – no matter how much you like spreading a ... Read More »

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