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Perfect Vanilla Bean Rice Pudding

Rich Vanilla Bean Rice Pudding

Rice pudding is one of my favorite comfort foods. Though there are a few gourmet rice pudding stores out there (very, very few), rice pudding remains something that is best made and eaten at home. A good rice pudding should feature a combination of smooth, rich custard and very tender rice. It should be sweet, without being too sweet, and the rice should really be ... Read More »

Elvis’s Banana Pudding

Elvis's Banana Pudding

It is well-known that one of Elvis’s favorite foods was a deep fried peanut butter and banana sandwich. It’s a great combination of salty and sweet, and you get a nice contrast between the creamy filling and a crisp exterior when the sandwich is deep fried. Peanut butter and banana is always a good combination and to celebrate Elvis’s birthday this year, I decided to ... Read More »

Amaretto Eton Mess with Five Spice Cherries

Amaretto Eaton Mess with Five Spice Cherries

Eton mess is a very simple dessert that, by design, is supposed to be unfussy yet still perfect for entertaining. The dessert consists of a mixture of crumbled meringue and whipped cream, topped with berries or other summer fruits. The name may refer to the appearance of the dish – since crumbling meringue and tossing it in whipped cream certainly is a bit messy – ... Read More »

5 Minute Pumpkin Bread Pudding in a Mug

Easy Pumpkin Bread Pudding in a Mug!!

My regular pumpkin bread pudding is perfect for entertaining, and is a great alternative to pumpkin pie for holiday dinners. It serves a big crowd and you’ll get plenty of leftovers, so you can eat a piece for breakfast or a snack the next day. The problem with the recipe is that you don’t always need a huge batch. When you’re in the mood for ... Read More »

Spiced Peaches n’ Cream Bread Pudding

Spiced Peaches n' Cream Bread Pudding

Sometimes I will pick up an extra loaf of bread when I am out shopping for groceries. I know at the time that it is slightly more bread than I need to have on hand – even if I’m planning to make a lot of sandwiches – but I do it anyway because I know that the extra loaf will give me an excuse to ... Read More »

Topaz Parfait

Topaz Parfait

There was a time when it seemed like almost all desserts were made with Jello, even when you wanted a fancy dessert to serve at that elegant dinner party. Jello gelatin mixes had interesting flavors, bright colors and were surprisingly versatile – and while you’re probably not going to reach for a box of Jello the next time company is coming over (unless that company ... Read More »

Dulce de Leche Creme Brûlée

Dulce De Leche Creme Brulee

Dulce de leche is an amazing milk-based caramel sauce that is very popular in Latin and South American countries, though it is found in many different countries throughout the world. It is very sweet and very rich, with a distinct flavor of caramelized milk that really sets it apart from other caramel sauces. It’s delicious and it’s addictive. It can be tempting to eat it ... Read More »

Piña Colada Bread Pudding

Pina Colada Bread Pudding

Pina coladas are a great vacation drink. They’re made with coconut, pineapple and rum, then blended with ice until everything is creamy and ice cold. The tropical flavors are enough to make you picture yourself lounging beside a pool in Hawaii. But the flavor combination in the drink doesn’t need to be limited to a poolside-cocktail, and it puts a great tropical twist on this ... Read More »

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