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Pumpkin Pudding Cake

Pumpkin Pudding Cake

From scones at breakfast to pie for dessert, there are more pumpkin baked goods out there than you can shake a stick at – a cinnamon stick, that is. Though there are many of them out there, I feel that there is always room for something new in the pumpkin pantheon and thisĀ Pumpkin Pudding Cake uses pumpkin in a way that I haven’t seen before. ... Read More »

Lemon, Ginger & White Chocolate Slice n’ Bake Cookies

Lemon Ginger & White Chocolate Slice n' Bake Cookies

Sometimes, I like to keep a cookie recipe simple by only mixing one extra ingredient into the cookie dough. A great example of this would be a classic chocolate chip cookie with only a generous serving of chocolate chips. Other times, I like to load up my cookies with all kinds of goodies. These Lemon, Ginger & White Chocolate Slice n’ Bake Cookies fall into ... Read More »

Brown Sugar Cobbler with Nectarines & Cherries

Brown Sugar Cobbler with Nectarines & Cherries

Plain white sugar is what I typically use for sweetening my fruit cobblers, crumbles and crisps. Not only is it a staple ingredient that I always have in my pantry, but it doesn’t have much flavor on its own and really allows the flavor of the fruit to shine through in the finished dessert. You can’t go wrong with it. That said, it isn’t the ... Read More »

Three Ingredient Lime Sorbet

Homemade Lime Sorbet

Sorbet is a wonderful dessert to make when you want something that is light, but still has lots of flavor. While a scoop of ice crema is still a welcome treat on a hot day, it just won’t refresh you the same way that a fruity sorbet will. Sorbets are typically made with fruit, sugar and water, with other elements added in to add complexity ... Read More »

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