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No more Circus Animals: Mother’s Cookies closes

Childhood favorites, remembered

If you’re a fan of Mother’s Cookies’ famous pink and white-frosted circus animal cookies, now is the time to stock up. The 92-year old company has just closed its doors and stopped cookie production completely. There was virtually no warning about the company’s closure, so fans of the cookies – not to mention the employees of the company, who were supposed to get a 60-day ... Read More »

A record setting birthday cake

Lots of candles!

At your last birthday, someone made a joke about the number of candles on the cake being a fire hazard. It doesn’t matter if there are two candles or eighty two – there’s just one at every party, isn’t there? But every once in a while, even the most hackneyed joke comes close to being true. A new Guinness World Record was just set for ... Read More »

New rules take the cakes at baking competitions

Our home kitchens are not necessarily the cleanest cooking environments out there, as much as we’d like to think so. Pets might wander through, countertops aren’t necessarily sterilized, food storage might not be ideal and how often do you clean under the refrigerator? Things like this are reasons that many states won’t allow you to sell food prepared in a home kitchen; it’s an unregulated ... Read More »

Bakery on Mount Everest

Bakery on Mount Everest

You haven’t had a problem with high altitude baking until you’ve tried baking at the highest habitable altitude on earth: the Mount Everest base camp. The base camp is at about 17,550 ft and is home to the world’s highest bakery. It was founded by an avid mountaineer who noted that there was little, if any, socialization between the expeditions clustered at the Everest base ... Read More »

43rd Annual Pillsbury Bake Off Winners!

Bake-Off finalists

After a fun day at the 43rd Annual Pillsbury Bake-Off, I couldn’t wait until I got to the awards ceremony this morning to see who had won. Fortunately, the ceremony started at 7:30 am central time and I didn’t have to wait for long until the master of ceremonies (and semi-homemade cooking) Sandra Lee took the stage and started to read the winners. Prizes were ... Read More »

Baking Bites at the Bake Off

Sandra Lee and me!

Picture a huge ballroom with 100 individual work areas, a couple hundred people, a overwhelming air of anticipation and the air conditioning cranked up high. And stick a 6-ft tall, costumed Pillsbury Doughboy in the corner of the room. This is pretty much the setting for the 43rd annual Pillsbury Bake Off right before the 100 finalists come in to bake their potentially million-dollar dishes. ... Read More »

Pie Festival and Pillsbury, April Baking Contests

April must be a good month for baking. I’m not just saying that because we stay indoors more during spring rains, but because there are an awful lot of baking contests going on this month. The World Cup of Baking just took place in France and here in the US, we’re about to see the 2008 Great American Pie Festival and the 43rd Pillsbury Bake-Off. ... Read More »

France wins World Cup of Baking


This week, the world has seen a showcase of some of the best bakers at the Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie – a.k.a. the World Cup of Baking. The international event is held every three years at Europain, a massive bakery, patisserie and catering convention in Paris. Artisan bakers – teams of three from 12 different countries – compete in small bakeries specially set ... Read More »

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