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The Death of the Pastry Chef?


Pastry chefs don’t have the most glamorous job in a professional kitchen. They’re usually tucked away in a small corner where they work with limited space and supplies while doing their best to keep their desserts away from the heat of the main kitchen. Their dishes can be spectacular – light, flavorful, colorful and delicious – but it is true to say that few people ... Read More »

Twinkies Back on Shelves 7/15/13

Twinkie Graphic

Ever since Hostess closed its doors late last year, consumers have been anxiously awaiting the fate of Twinkies, one of the most iconic snack cakes there is. Taste tests were conducted to see if Twinkie clones were an acceptable subsitute, but a buyer was found for the brand and they promised that Twinkies would make a comeback after being off store shelves for more than ... Read More »

Baking Bites’ New Look

New Look

It has been a long time since I updated the look of Baking Bites’ main page, but I’ve been working on a new look for some time now and launched it this weekend. Sorry for any downtime. I know that I helped a lot of you out by e-mailing you recipes and messaging them through Facebook! The new look has more pictures, although the photos ... Read More »

Scientists create lower fat chocolate with fruit juice

Chocolate Science

Chocolate is practically synonymous with indulgence, and people love it. But it is no surprise that there are many people and companies that want to take the indulgence out of it so that we can all eat it with less guilt. Smaller packaging has probably been the most successful method, since chocolate – by law – must contain nothing more than cocoa butter, cocoa solids, ... Read More »

Hostess finds a Buyer, Twinkies to Make a Comeback

Hostess Twinkies

A few months ago, Hostess, the maker of Twinkies and Wonder Bread, announced that it was going out of business for good. The fate of the iconic brands that it produced – beloved treats that many people grew up eating and had a strong sense of nostalgia about – seemed uncertain. The news that no more would be produced or sold prompted a rush on ... Read More »

Consumer Reports taste tests original and generic Twinkies

Consumer Reports' Twinkie Test

When consumers heard that Hostess was closing its doors for good and that products like Twinkies and Wonderbread would be discontinued, there was a rush to stock up before they were pulled from store shelves. Twinkies in particular were a favorite childhood snack for many of us and, even though some might say that they don’t have the same appeal to an adult palate, it ... Read More »

What happens to leftover Girl Scout Cookies?

Girl Scout Cookies at the Dump

Girl Scout cookies are one food that I’ve never had leftovers of – whether they were homemade or purchased from a local Girl Scout. The cookies are simply too tasty to become leftovers in my house, and they freeze very well so it is easy to tuck them away for long term storage. But local Girl Scout Councils themselves often have leftover Girl Scout cookies ... Read More »

Pillsbury Supreme Collection Red Velvet Cake, reviewed

Pillsbury Supreme Collection Red Velvet Cake

Red velvet cake probably comes in just behind vanilla and chocolate cakes in terms of popularity these days, so it should be no surprise to see that red velvet cake mixes are becoming much more common to allow people to easily bake their own at home. Regular cake mixes don’t usually catch my eye, but the last time I was in the baking aisle I ... Read More »

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