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Fortune cookies get a little more realistic

The fortunes inside fortune cookies tend to take a positive, yet very vague, view of things. Notes like “things are looking up,” “opportunity is never far away“ and “you will be lucky in business ventures”are so commonplace that it is a rare event when someone is actually surprised by a fortune cookie. But Wonton Food, which is the largest producer of fortune cookies in the country, ... Read More »

30-years for stealing a donut?

A man in Missouri is facing the possibility of a 30-year prison sentence for stealing a donut from a local convenience store. The donut wasn’t made of gold, diamonds or anything else valuable (unless you reallylove sprinkles); it was an ordinary 52-cent donut. What happened was that the man shoplifted the donut and, while trying to make his escape, assaulted the store clerk. The assault ... Read More »

Mars doesn’t support mockolate

chocolate campaign

For the past several months, the FDA has been considering a proposal that would change the definition of chocolate. The change would allow products made with vegetable oil or other non-cocoa butter fats to be called chocolate, in spite of the fact that it the properties of cocoa butter are what make chocolate so special in the first place. Most big candy manufacturers are endorsing ... Read More »

Baking cookies in a car

dashboard cookies

When it is hot outside – a very common occurance here in So. Cal in the summer – my car starts to feel like an oven if it is parked out in the sun. It never really occurred to me to try and capitalize on this heat, since my kitchen’s oven works so well and so reliably, but after hearing about a woman who regularly ... Read More »

Lose weight, get paid!

No, this isn’t the tag line for a fad weight-loss drug. And if it is, I can assure you that it isn’t what I’m talking about here. Roughly 35% of Italians are overweight or obese, according to EU statistics. Concern about the growing obesity rate is prompting some Italian officials to try and take action on a local level. The government of the town of ... Read More »

More food ads, more likely to overeat?

Today’s Wall Street Journal asks “does food advertising on television make you eat more?” According to some new research in Britain, it does when kids are concerned. A study had kids ranging in age from 5 to 11 watch a video that had some children’s programming (cartoon, “family” shows, etc) and common ads for toys or food products that generally appear on air with the shows. ... Read More »

Potassium bromate and banning flour additives

While there are many who are against the “food police,” the unspecific group of people who protest junk food  in school lunches, support banning fois gras and trans fats and, in general, want to keep an eye on what we’re eating for the sake of general wellness, there are many instances where their help can be appreciated. The debate over fois gras might be a ... Read More »

Trendy today, gone tomorrow

brand logos

Teens seem to be notoriously choosy in their pursuit of “cool,” switching from brand to brand at what seems like the drop of a hat when, only days before, they were swearing their preference for one over the other. The behavior is apparent to the casual observer and is mostly found around things like clothing, electronics and other similar types of products, but can be ... Read More »

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