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Pie eating, gone to the dogs

charlie with pies

If you have a cat or a dog (or possibly some other larger-than-a-hamster pet), your pet has probably eaten something s/he shouldn’t have at least once or twice. Dropped a piece of chicken on the floor? Turned your back on a plate of cake sitting on a low table? In most cases, you would discipline your pet and probably make a mental note to be ... Read More »

Food and drink hacks

Lifehackeris a weblog dedicated to searching out tips and tricks to make your life easier. It primarily focuses on software and technology, but since the blog’s inception it has reached out into other areas more than a few times. The team over there recently compiled a list of their top 10 Food and drink hacks: little “hacks” that make food prep and storage quicker, more ... Read More »

$25,000 Haute Chocolate

It wasn’t all that long ago when I pointed out that, in pursuit of the title of the world’s most expensive dessert, a restaurant in Sri Lanka put a $14,500 dessert on their menu. But the price tag on that dish wasn’t quite high enough to keep the title of priciest indulgence with that restaurant. Serendipity 3, a New York restaurant that is known for ... Read More »

Cookies as torture devices

hot cookies on baking sheet

Though they may not be the first thing that comes to mind on the subject, cookies can be torture devices. My idea of “cookie torture” is a situation in which you have a huge pile of freshly baked cookies sitting in front of you and you really, really shouldn’t eat another because you’re already had three too many. But cookies can be used in a ... Read More »

Social recipe writing, with KitchenBug


There is a new player on the social food site scene.¬†KitchenBug is an Israeli-based site for foodies that just launched this week. The way the site works is this: you can write your own recipes or upload links to favorites online (such as cookies from a particular blogger you like). The site keeps everything organized for you and makes your recipes and links available to ... Read More »

Year of the Potato, and other international foodie dates

At the end of 2005, the UN declared that 2008 would be the International Year of the Potato. The declaration was intended to “to focus world attention on the role that the potato can play in providing food security and alleviating poverty of the population” – meaning that potatoes are an important staple food and they wanted to celebrate and promote that fact. Taken alone, ... Read More »

Fortune cookies get a little more realistic

The fortunes inside fortune cookies tend to take a positive, yet very vague, view of things. Notes like “things are looking up,” “opportunity is never far away“¬†and “you will be lucky in business ventures”are so commonplace that it is a rare event when someone is actually surprised by a fortune cookie. But Wonton Food, which is the largest producer of fortune cookies in the country, ... Read More »

30-years for stealing a donut?

A man in Missouri is facing the possibility of a 30-year prison sentence for stealing a donut from a local convenience store. The donut wasn’t made of gold, diamonds or anything else valuable (unless you reallylove sprinkles); it was an ordinary 52-cent donut. What happened was that the man shoplifted the donut and, while trying to make his escape, assaulted the store clerk. The assault ... Read More »

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