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Fudge Monster Cookies

Fudge Monster Cookies

Making desserts for Halloween is tremendously fun. It’s a holiday where you not only have the license to indulge in all kinds of desserts and candies, but where you have permission to go for crazy decorations, wacky food colors and other fun touches that aren’t usually found in dessert. Great examples of this include my Zombie Graveyard Cake, bloody Shortbread BonesĀ and Cupcakes from the Black ... Read More »

Mini Pumpkin Spice Oreo Pumpkin Cheesecakes

Mini Pumpkin Spice Oreo Pumpkin Cheesecakes

Oreo cookies make a great no-bake crust for cheesecakes and ice cream pies. The cream filling in the cookie sandwiches adds sweetness to the wafers and helps the crust hold together, even if it isn’t baked to set it like a traditional crumb crust. When it comes to mini desserts, however, there are times when you don’t even need to crumble up the Oreos for ... Read More »

Wilton Halloween Eyes Easy Cookie Pan

Halloween Eyes Easy Decorate Cookie Pan

When I was a kid, one of my favorite Halloween decorations were a set of monster eye window decals, which I would stick all over the front windows of the house to look creepily out over any trick or treaters that might come to the door. I used that set for years, until it got lost in a remodel, but I still remember those cartooney ... Read More »

Red, White & Blue Berry Icebox Cake

Red, White & Blue Berry Icebox Cake

Icebox cakes are no-bake cakes that set up in the refrigerator, making them a perfect choice for a summer dessert when you need a recipe that won’t heat up the kitchen. Instead of using actual cake, they use cookies (usually chocolate wafer cookies or graham crackers) to give the cake structure – and it is surprising to see how cake-like they become while the dessert ... Read More »

Fantastically Colorful Fruit Desserts for the 4th of July

Naturally Colorful Desserts for the 4th of July

The 4th of July is a holiday that calls for the bold red, white and blue colors of the American Flag. It’s easy to find decorations in these colors if you’re having a backyard barbecue or pool party and want to create a festive atmosphere, but it is difficult to find food in these colors in foods. Fortunately, while a little bit of food coloring ... Read More »

5 Perfect Peep Desserts to Make for Easter

Easter Peeps S'mores Dip

Peeps are the best selling non-chocolate Easter candy out there and they have been beloved by sweet-toothed consumers since the 1950s. As a marshmallow fan, I always enjoy munching on colorful Peeps right out of the box around Easter, but they’re surprisingly fun ingredients to work with and you can make some great desserts using them. So pick up a few packs of Peeps before ... Read More »

Baking Bites for Craftsy: Irish Coffee, Three Ways

How to Make Irish Coffee

Irish coffee is one of the most popular coffee cocktails that there is. The drink was invented nearly 80 years ago, by an Irish chef who combined whiskey and coffee for a drink that would really take the chill off in cold, damp Irish winters. The drink was such a hit that news of it traveled back to the US, where several bartenders tried to ... Read More »

10 Fun Facts You Should Know About Peeps

5 Amazing Easter Desserts to Make with Peeps!!

The weeks leading up to Easter are Peep season! I love marshmallows of all kinds and the colorful, sugar-coated Peeps are no exception. I’ve made cupcakes that are inspired by them, S’mores that use Peeps in place of “regular” marshmallows and even Peep-Infused Vodka – all in addition to eating them straight out of the package. Here are some fun facts about Peeps that you ... Read More »

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