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Angel Food Loaf Pan

Angel Food Loaf Pan

Several weeks ago, I discussed the question of whether or not you need an angel food cake pan to make angel food cake. The answer is yes because the cakes are delicate and the pan is designed not only to let them rise to their fullest potential and to cool without falling, but to make them easy to remove from the pan. At the time, ... Read More »

Biodegradable Picnic Ware

There are indoor plates, outdoor plates and paper plates. Indoor are mostly made of ceramic and outdoor are often some kind of lightweight plastic material, both of which are washable and reusable. Paper is, of course, paper. They may not be as eco-friendly as the first two types of dinnerware, but it’s hard to beat the convenience of paper when you are entertaining outside in ... Read More »

Nonstick Oven Spill Catcher

My oven has heating elements in both the top and the bottom, so traditional oven liners – many of which are designed to sit on the bottom of an oven – don’t work for me. Oven liners are designed to catch accidental overflow from things like pies, casseroles and other bubbly/gooey dishes. This is a Nonstick Oven Spill Catcher and it does the same job ... Read More »

Rolling Pin Sleeves

Rolling Pin Sleeves

Conventional wisdom says that if your rolling pin is sticking to your dough – whether it is bread dough or cookie dough – you should lightly flour the pin and press on, adding more flour as needed. Adding small amounts of flour to a dough is rarely a problem in terms of altering the recipe’s ratio of dry-to-wet ingredients and, unless you use tons of ... Read More »

Cool Touch Oven Rack Guard

Cool Touch Oven Rack Guard

We all try to be as careful as possible when working in the kitchen. Hot pans, ovens, utensils and often boiling water are everywhere and can easily cause the occasional (or more than occasional) burn. Even if you have hands of stone, a burn is never fun and should be avoided at all costs. Potholders and dishtowels can help to protect your hands from most ... Read More »

Chef’s Choice Waffle Cone Maker

Walk into almost any ice cream parlor (and the first thing that you’ll notice is a delicious, warm smell. It’s not the ice cream, it’s the smell of homemade waffle cones. Or, at least, it was the standard and should still be. A lot of chain-type ice cream shops have nixed the from-scratch waffle cones and, while there are plenty of ice cream stores and ... Read More »


toastite sandwich

Before there were panini, there were ToasTites – at least, that’s the way it happened in my house. A ToasTite (also “toas tite,”as two words or with a hyphen) is a grilled sandwich maker. To the best of my knowledge, they originated in the 1930s and 1940s and were made to cook sandwiches over a hot, open flame. The earliest models have round toasting plates ... Read More »

What is a cake heating core?

No one likes an undercooked cake and the bigger a cake pan you’re using, the more difficult it can be to achieve even baking without over-browning the top and sides of the cake. Heat radiates through the cake from the sides of the baking pan and, while not a problem for smaller cakes, larger pans will easily be overdone on the sides before they are ... Read More »

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