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Accent your food – using gold flake chopsticks

Edible gold leaf is one of the most elegant ways to top off a dessert, especially one made with dark chocolate where the little golden flecks can really pop out. Since it’s fairly easy to find at craft and specialty food stores, you can keep some on hand so that it is available when you want to take a special dessert (say, for an anniversary ... Read More »

S-XL Cake Mold

sm-xl cake pan

“That looks great. I’ll take a big piece.” “I’m pretty full. Can I just have a sliver? No, even smaller than that, thanks.”It can be difficult enough to cut a cake into neat slices without having to cater to the sizing whims of your audience. Enter the S-KL Cake Mold, created to make the process very cut and dry. The pan was designed by Ding ... Read More »

Martha Stewart cupcake boxes

Martha Stewart cupcake boxes

One of the things I like best about buying cookies, cupcakes, donuts or other sweets from a bakery is the box that the food always comes in. It’s not that the (usually pink) cardboard is so fancy or elegant, just that you know immediately upon seeing it that it holds something tasty. It’s also something that an ordinary cake carrier can’t quite compete with. Restaurant ... Read More »

Why you need a cooling rack

In just about every single recipe I write – with the possible exceptions of things that require refrigeration/freezing instead of baking – and almost all of those that I read, the instructions call for you to “cool on a wire rack” after your baked good is pulled from the oven. Cooling racks really are an essential piece of equipment for a baker. They create a ... Read More »

Pull-apart pans

pull-apart pans

I’m not a fan of silicone bakeware, but even I have to admit that these pull-apart pans are pretty cute. The pans are designed to bake unusually shaped cakes in pieces, which you can decorate and handle individually then put together to form a finished, shaped cake. The “pull apart” name clearly comes from the fact that you can take the cakes apart in pieces ... Read More »

Roll and Store Pin

I’m trying to resist a pun about being on a roll today, as I couldn’t resist mentioning yet another interesting rolling pin. The Roll & Store Pin is a rolling pin with removable handles and a clear, hollow center that can be used to store cookie cutters. The pin comes with a variety of round cutters, including a star, a bunny rabbit, a heart, a ... Read More »

A very cool rolling pin

If I’m going to bake on a hot day, I’m probably going to choose to make something that isn’t particularly heat-sensitive. This means that┬ápastries and other baked goods that involve cutting butter into a flour mixture and rolling out the dough are almost always out of the question; you have to work very quickly to keep the butter in the dough cool and solid while ... Read More »

Diamond encrusted saucepan

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get good, quality cookware that will perform well time and time again (I know I don’t). But if you want to spend a lot – and I mean a lot – than the new diamond encrusted potfrom the German cookware maker, Fissler, just might be what you’re looking for. Their newest premium┬ásaucepan uses almost 1 ... Read More »

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