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Funnel Pitchers

Funnel Pitcher

Getting batter from the bowl to the baking pan is not always an easy task. Thicker batters, or doughs with a thick consistency, are actually pretty easy to handle at this stage. Cookie dough can be scooped and shaped with relative ease before being plopped onto a pan. Muffin and cake batters, on the other hand, can make quite a mess when you try to ... Read More »

Bear Silicone Baking Cups

Bear Silicone Baking Cups

While I will always have a preference for paper baking cups over silicone cups – or even for just greasing the tin directly – when I am baking muffins or cupcakes, I have to give the makers of the silicone products credit for coming up with some really cute ideas that paper cups just can’t recreate. One good example of this are the Witch Feet ... Read More »

Flour Storage Tips

Buying food, especially dry goods or other products with fairly long shelf lives, in bulk is a good way to cut back on your grocery bill. You get a lower overall price per pound or per ounce. The only problem with buying in bulk is that whatever you buy has to be stored properly to give it its optimal shelf life and to prevent spoilage. ... Read More »

Airplane Mini Cake Pan

Airplane Mini Cake Pan

Aside from baking, traveling is one of my favorite things to do. I’d like nothing more than to be able to hop on a plan and fly anywhere in the world at any time. Who wouldn’t? Unfortunately, that thought is much more dream than reality, but it is what made this cute Airplane Mini Cake Pan catch my eye. The pan bakes up six carefully ... Read More »

Double Kitchen Timer

Double Kitchen Timer

My kitchen has several timers in it. There are timers built in to the microwave and oven, as well as timers on my radio/cd player and a magnetic timer that I stick to any handy surface. I could even use the alarm clock on my cell phone if I had to. It’s rare that I actually need to put all of them to use at ... Read More »

Heritage Bundt Pan

It’s not until you see the finished product from Nordicware’s Heritage Bunt pan that you realize how gorgeous it really is. The pan itself is nice, but not that impressive. The finished cake comes out with sharp lines, forming a swirling design that is reminiscent of a very geometric flower bud. It is also slightly reminiscent of a kugelhopf pan. Kugelhopf is a type of ... Read More »

Summer BBQ USB Drives

It’s always handy to have an external memory source on hand when you do a lot of work on the computer, and there is no reason that that memory source needs to be dull or plain. I’ve mentioned Freshly Baked USBs before, which are portable USB memory sticks that are shaped like tiny baked goods. Even better than that batch – especially with the summer ... Read More »

Kake Kut’rs

Kake Kut'rs

The cake cutter that I used most often is a big, serrated knife – and I admit that it’s not exactly a cake cutter, but more of a general purpose kitchen tool. Sometimes I use a spatula to slide a cut piece of cake away from the rest. Mostly, I use the flat side of the knife to balance the cake before transferring it to ... Read More »

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