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Tulip-Shaped Tart Molds/Muffin Cups

Tulip-Shaped Tart Molds/Muffin Cups

Even though silicone muffin cups aren’t something I would choose over a regular muffin tin, they do have some advantages thanks to their flexibility. These Tulip-Shaped Muffin Cups, for instance, double as miniature tart molds when they’re not being used for muffins or cupcakes. Each one has a crease about halfway down the side that allows you to fold over the muffin cup and create ... Read More »



  Anyone looking for an alternative to cakes and cupcakes for their baking this summer might want to check out the cakesicles baking pan. This baking pan has popsicle-shaped depressions that, as you can imagine, produce cakes and cookies in that same shape. The popsicles are fairly shallow, but there is no mistaking the design. Cookies are thick and sturdy enough to hold their shape ... Read More »

EatSmart Nutrition Scale, reviewed

There are lots of good reasons to have a kitchen scale at home. The biggest reason is that they are far more accurate than just about any other means of measuring, especially when it comes to dry ingredients that are measured by cups for most US recipes. A cup full of flour can actually be two very different amounts, if one measure has been sifted ... Read More »

Pull Apart Bunny Cakes

Nothing says “Easter” quite like dissecting a rabbit piece by piece. Of course, I’m referring to chocolate rabbits! They’re staples of the season and even if you don’t celebrate the holiday, it’s hard to pass up the terrific deals on bunny-shaped chocolates that crop up during Easter season. Chocolate bunnies aren’t the only rabbit-themed Easter choices, however. You can also opt for Pull Apart Bunny ... Read More »

Picket Fence Cupcake Wrappers

I’ve mentioned laser-cut cupcake wrappers before, and while I have my objections to the fact that you can’t bake directly in them – partially because they’re so holey that they couldn’t hold the batter even if you wanted to bake in them – it’s hard to deny that they make for a beautiful presentation. I particularly like these Picket Fence Cupcake Wrappers. The wrap-around fence ... Read More »

Batter Blender

Batter Blender

Whisks are often the best tools for mixing up a batter. Because of the way that the multiple strands of wire weave through the ingredients, it does an efficient job of combining them all without overmixing anything. Unfortunately, a whisk doesn’t work well for all types of batter. Brownie batter, for instance, is usually too thick to be whisked, and a portion will always clump ... Read More »

Topsy Turvy Cake Pan

Topsy Turvy Cake Pan

Whimsical cakes, with their irregularly shaped, tilting layers and brightly colored frosting, are just as popular as they ever were, even though they are far more common than they were just a few short years ago. At least, they’re now as common in the shops of professional cake decorators as they are at the Mad Hatter’s tea party table. The cakes are made by shaping ... Read More »

Adjustable Pie Cutter

Progressive Int'l Pie Cutter

They say that the first slice of cake is always the most difficult to get out of the pan. It’s hard to get a spatula or knife underneath a slice without being able to approach it from the side. This is doubly true of pies, where not only is it difficult to get the first slice out cleanly, but it is difficult to cut the ... Read More »

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