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Silicone Waffle Tongs

Waffle Tongs

How do you get your waffles out of the waffle iron? Do you try to snag the edge of the waffle with a fork to lift it out? This is usually my strategy, and although it can be very successful, there are some drawbacks. First, if I don’t get a good hold on the waffle it can tear and the edge. Second, if I’m using ... Read More »

Three Tiered Oven Rack

Three Tiered Oven Rack

My oven has two racks in it, and I’ll wager that your oven probably does, too. It’s the standard setup for most ovens and, most of the time, it works out quite well. But there are times when the standard setup for oven racks just doesn’t cut it and you can’t get everything in that you need to. I would say that this happens most ... Read More »

Wilton Easy Pour Funnel

Easy Pour Funnel

Usually, I can get batter evenly divided into a muffin tin without any problems using a spoon or a small ladle. Once in a while, however, the stars align against me and I end up with muffin batter that wants to get stuck to the top of the pan, rather than sitting neatly in its muffin cups. It was after I had spend some time ... Read More »

Nordic Ware Banana Loaf Pan

Nordic Ware's Banana Loaf Pan

Banana bread has a reputation for being a bit dull, partially due to the fact that it is quite common, and partially due to the fact that it comes out of a plain, rectangular loaf pan. The common part is difficult to change – although getting a reputation for baking really great banana bread recipes will help that a lot – but the boring loaf ... Read More »

Norpro Cake Lifter, reviewed

Norpro Cake Lifter

When I am making a layer cake, I usually put the bottom layer on the cake plate that I intend to serve it on, then start layering frosting and more cake right from there. It is a hassle to move layer cakes as they tend to be delicate and heavy. Usually this works out very well, especially when I am going to be serving a ... Read More »

Baker’s Edge Simple Lasagna Pan, reviewed

Baker's Edge Lasagna Pan, reviewed

I am a big fan of the Baker’s Edge pan, which I have had for a number of years and use frequently to make bar cookies and cakes (especially coffee cakes). I don’t use mine for savory dishes, but it turns out that the design was very popular with fans of lasagna and baked pasta dishes because it was so easy to serve straight from ... Read More »

Tovolo Ice Cream Cone Popsicle Molds

Tovolo Ice Cream Cone Popsicle Molds

Maybe it’s the kid in me, but I can’t resist a good popsicle when summertime hits. Memories of buying brightly colored popsicles in all shapes, sizes and colors for somewhere between 5 and 25 cents (depending on how good they were) from ice cream trucks in the park come flooding back to me every time. For some time now, most of the do-it-yourself popsicle molds ... Read More »

Chef’s Case

Chef's Case

It’s easy to be a foodie in your own home, where you have control over all of the ingredients you use, but when you’re traveling it’s not always possible. And I don’t mean traveling half way around the world, either. Ever had a sandwich at lunchtime that really needed something to give it some zip? There is a Foodie Survival Kit that lets you bring ... Read More »

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