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What is an offset spatula?

offset spatula

Spatulas are great for a variety of kitchen tasks, from scraping the last bit of batter out of a mixing bowl to gently stirring some scrambled eggs in a nonstick pan. Spatulas can be made from a variety of materials, but your average spatula seems to be made from silicone more often than not these days. There is one exception to this trend and that ... Read More »

Bakers Sto ’N Go

I really like the Cupcake Courier as a carrier for cupcakes, but cupcakes aren’t the only food that needs to be transported in an easy, secure way. The Bakers Sto ’N Go is an ideal carrier for non-cupcake baked goods, especially cookies. It has flat interior shelves to stack cookies on, allowing you to keep your cookies separated so that they don’t get crushed or ... Read More »

Maple Leaf Pan

Maple Leaf Pan

With fall coming up, it’s time to start looking at products that have a seasonal edge to them, like this Maple Leaf Pan. The pan bakes muffin-sized cakes in the shape of maple leaves – perfect for just about any fall or holiday gathering, especially if the leaves are falling off the trees outside. The pan is made by NordicWare and is made of cast ... Read More »

M Cups Measuring Cups

M Cups Measuring Cups

Matryoshkas, or Russian nesting dolls, are a collector’s item for many people. The dolls are all split in two at the “waist” and open to reveal another, smaller, doll inside. Some sets have an almost unbelievable number of dolls inside as they get tinier and tinier. This set of matryoshkas doesn’t get quite down to that size, but is a little more useful than your ... Read More »

Tovolo Rocket Pop Molds

Tovolo Rocket Pop Molds

Some of my favorite memories of elementary school involve going to the park after getting picked up, finding an ice cream truck and buying red, white and blue rocket-shaped popsicles. The colors sold me on those pops, but the rocket ships shape was what made them memorable. Tovolo makes popsicle molds in all kinds of shapes – including that classic rocket ship shape, so you ... Read More »

VillaWare Prego Pizzelle Baker, reviewed

VillaWare Prego Pizzelle Baker

When it comes to buying specialty appliances, there are a couple of things to take into consideration on top of how well the gadget works: how expensive it is and how much you’ll use it. A single-use gadget (a “unitasker”) is not that practical, but if you’re going to get a lot of use out of it, it’s often worth it. That said, when the ... Read More »

CI tests mini prep bowls

When I first started watching cooking shows on TV, the first thing that I noticed that those cooks/chefs used lots of small prep bowls. I tended to chop things as I worked, when I needed them. This was especially true if I was making something like vegetable soup and there was no need to rush to get all the ingredients into the pot in a ... Read More »

Do I need a strawberry huller?

  A strawberry huller is a little tool that is designed to remove the hull – the leafy top and white-ish center “plug” – of a strawberry before you eat it. Unless you’re eating berries by hand and tossing away the hulls one-by-one (or dipping them in chocolate and need a “handle”), you’re going to want to remove the hulls before using the berries. They ... Read More »

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