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Wilton’s Scalloped Baking Cups

Cups of a different color

I am always on the lookout for new muffin cups, whether I want something themed for a holiday or am simply looking for a color that I don’t have in my collection yet. While you can use any color of muffin cup to bake with, you have to admit that using a cup of a different color can really take the presentation up a notch. ... Read More »

Zoo Animal Muffin Pan


If you’ve ever thought that the traditional muffin shape was just a little too boring, you might consider looking up some shaped bakeware to help you solve the problem. I’ve seen flower-shaped cakelet pans and heart shaped mini cake pans, but the Zoo Animal Muffin Pan from Nordicware puts out even more creative shapes. This cast aluminum pan bakes up a menagerie of cute animals ... Read More »

Steven Raichlen Crème Brûlée Salamander

Steven Raichlen Crème Brûlée Set

There are two important components to a creme brulee: the custard and the caramelized sugar crust. You could argue that the crust is even more important than the custard, as that is what sets it apart from other custard desserts. There are a couple of ways to make the crust. The most common in home kitchens is to use a small kitchen torch, which will ... Read More »

Duff Goldman Cake Decorating Products

Duff Cakes

It’s hard not to be inspired to bake when you’re watching a show like Ace of Cakes on the Food Network, where Duff Goldman and his team create edible works of art out of little more than cake, frosting and fondant. Duff now has a whole line of cake decorating equipment, from box cake mixes to texture tiles that give fondant a finished look, out ... Read More »

Florist Measuring Cups

Florist Measuring Cups

Nothing says whimsical like a Mad Hatter-esque cake at a party, but there is no reason that there shouldn’t be a little bit of whimsy in your everyday baking, as well. These Florist Measuring Cups are just right for the job. Each measure in this sweet set is shaped like a different flower and painted inside and out. They’re stoneware and very durable, despite their ... Read More »

Silicone Waffle Tongs

Waffle Tongs

How do you get your waffles out of the waffle iron? Do you try to snag the edge of the waffle with a fork to lift it out? This is usually my strategy, and although it can be very successful, there are some drawbacks. First, if I don’t get a good hold on the waffle it can tear and the edge. Second, if I’m using ... Read More »

Three Tiered Oven Rack

Three Tiered Oven Rack

My oven has two racks in it, and I’ll wager that your oven probably does, too. It’s the standard setup for most ovens and, most of the time, it works out quite well. But there are times when the standard setup for oven racks just doesn’t cut it and you can’t get everything in that you need to. I would say that this happens most ... Read More »

Wilton Easy Pour Funnel

Easy Pour Funnel

Usually, I can get batter evenly divided into a muffin tin without any problems using a spoon or a small ladle. Once in a while, however, the stars align against me and I end up with muffin batter that wants to get stuck to the top of the pan, rather than sitting neatly in its muffin cups. It was after I had spend some time ... Read More »

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