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Snowy Village Cakelet Pan

Snowy Village Cake Pan

Gingerbread houses may have some competition this year for edible Christmas decorations. Williams Sonoma has just released a new, limited edition Snowy Village Cakelet Pan for the season. The pan bakes up six small cakes in the shapes of show-covered fairytale homes. The cast-iron pan is made by NordicWare (as are just about all of Williams Sonoma’s special edition pans), so it’s a heavy-weight pan. ... Read More »

Bone Chilling Ice Cubes

Bone Chilling Ice Cubes

One of the first food-related, creepy Halloween things that I learned to make was a big ice hand to float in a bowl of punch. You make this by filling up a latex (rubber or similar) glove with water, tying it off like a water balloon and freezing it, then peeling the glove away when you’re ready to use the ice hand. It looks neat ... Read More »

Jack o Lantern Cupcake Pans

While pumpkins fit perfectly into Halloween just as they are, jack o’ lanterns have an even more perfect fit because Halloween is really the only holiday where the carved pumpkins are showcased. There are lots of pumpkin-shaped baking pans, like the Pumpkin Patch Pan and the Mini Pumpkin Cheesecake Pan, but there aren’t a whole lot of pans that incorporate the jack o’ lantern face ... Read More »

Bloody Evidence Chef’s Knife

Bloody Evidence Chef's Knife

Platefuls of Halloween baked goods and buckets of Halloween candy aren’t the only things that you can keep around the kitchen as you get into the spirit of Halloween. Something like a Bloody Evidence Chef’s Knife is both a scary, funny and useful prop that you can add to the knife rack. The knife is a real chef’s knife with fired-on blood spatter that will ... Read More »

Wilton Mini Pumpkin and Ghost Pan

Wilton Mini Pumpkin and Ghost Pan

Shaped pans mean that you don’t need to spend a lot of time decorating your baked goods, since they already come out in a holiday-ready shape. This is certainly true of Wilton’s Mini Pumpkin and Ghost Pan which¬† bakes up a half-dozen mini-muffin sized pumpkin and ghost shapes for Halloween. The pan itself is nonstick and, though both the pumpkin and ghost have some facial ... Read More »

Wilton Halloween Cookie Pan

Halloween is coming up in a couple of weeks and that means that stores are starting to stock up on Halloween items, from candy to costumes. Wilton has a new Halloween Cookie Pan out this year. This pan is designed with separate cavities for cookie dough balls and bakes your cookies into one of 12 different Halloween shapes. It’s really nice that each of the ... Read More »

Zyliss Soft Skin Peeler

I don’t always peel fruits with thin, soft skins, such as peaches or plums, when I bake with them. This is because the skins usually become even more tender during baking, so you never notice them when you’re eating the finished product. It’s also because peeling these types of fruits, as well as some softer vegetables, like tomatoes, is not all that easy to do. ... Read More »

ChefStack Pancake Machine

ChefStack Pancake Machine

The ChefStack Pancake Machine isn’t designed for home cooks, but it’s such an interesting gadget I can’t resist mentioning it. The clever machine makes pancakes without any human intervention and can turn out up to 200 pancakes an hour. Since it takes a few minutes to cook a homemade pancake after whipping up the batter, you’d need a very large and very hot griddle to ... Read More »

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